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21.0 / 20 June 2018; 4 months ago ( 2018-06-20), (since OTP 18.0) (earlier releases).erl,.hrl Website Major Erlang Influenced by,,, Influenced, [ ],,,,,,,, • at Wikibooks Erlang ( ) is a,,, as well as a. The term Erlang is used interchangeably with Erlang/OTP, or, which consists of the Erlang, a number of mainly written in Erlang, and a set of for Erlang programs.

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The Erlang is known for its designs that are well suited for systems with the following characteristics: • • • •, applications •, where code can be changed without stopping a system. The Erlang is known for the following properties: • • • The sequential subset of the Erlang language supports,,. /codec-pack-for-mac/.

It was originally a within, developed by, Robert Virding and Mike Williams in 1986, but was released as in 1998. Erlang/OTP is supported and maintained by the at. Module ( fact ).% This is the file 'fact.erl', the module and the filename must match - export ([ fac / 1 ]).% This exports the function 'fac' of arity 1 (1 parameter, no type, no name) fac ( 0 ) -> 1;% If 0, then return 1, otherwise (note the semicolon; meaning 'else') fac ( N ) when N > 0, is_integer ( N ) -> N * fac ( N - 1 ).% Recursively determine, then return the result% (note the period.

Meaning 'endif' or 'function end')%% This function will crash if anything other than a nonnegative integer is given.%% It illustrates the 'Let it crash' philosophy of Erlang. A algorithm implemented in Erlang (Note: This is only for demonstrating the Erlang. This algorithm is rather slow.). %% qsort:qsort(List)%% Sort a list of items - module ( qsort ).% This is the file 'qsort.erl' - export ([ qsort / 1 ]).% A function 'qsort' with 1 parameter is exported (no type, no name) qsort ([]) -> [];% If the list [] is empty, return an empty list (nothing to sort) qsort ([ Pivot Rest ]) ->% Compose recursively a list with 'Front' for all elements that should be before 'Pivot'% then 'Pivot' then 'Back' for all elements that should be after 'Pivot' qsort ([ Front Front = Pivot ]). /pods-delivery-drivers-for-mac/.

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