Eikon Mini Usb Fingerprint Reader For Mac

Eikon Mini Usb Fingerprint Reader For Mac

Eikon Fingerprint Software Windows 10

View full Eikon Mini USB Fingerprint Reader fingerprint reader specs on CNET. Eikon Mini USB Fingerprint Reader fingerprint reader - USB. PThe Eikon to go digital privacy manager allows you to replace your passwords with a mere swipe of your own unique finger. It recognizes your fingerprint, providing an easy yet secure way of accessing your Mac. Simply install the included protector suite software on your Mac, plug the Eikon to go into your USB port, and swipe.

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Usb Fingerprint Reader For Laptop

Features • Shapely Fingerprint reader with fingerprint sensor • Windows 10 Hello Log-in compatible (no software required) • Please navigate to Windows Hello, from here you can add a fingerprint reader: Select the Windows Start button, then select Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options to set up Windows Hello.

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