Easycap Capture 4 Channel Usb Dvr Drivers For Mac


Product Description. 4 Channel USB DVR USB Video Capture (both xp,windows,vista) A saftey system of ideal design for home/office/shop guard or baby care purpose. Sony dru 710a drivers for mac.

Well, it’s finally arrived. An EasyCAP (Easy CAP) for Mac OS with USB 2.0 Audio/Video Capture/Surveillance Dongle for under $26 bucks.

Everything works pretty much like the original, however all of those with a Mac OS simply plug and play! EnjoyIn the meantime I guess you could always spend your free time on chopping veggies? Here are the features in perfect Engrish: – EasyCAP USB 2.0 1 channel DVR capture dongle is the safety system of ideal design for home/office/shop guard or baby care purpose; users can do their own security by easy installation. It is the costeffective solution to replace commercial VCR tape recorder, which also supports stable digitize video record and easy manages the recorded data via index of date and time. That’s it, make your life more safety and easier.


Marilyn for mac. – Supports NTSC, PAL, SECAM Video format including PAL60,NTSC433 – Supports high quality video resolution – Capture & edit high quality video & audio (No sound card needed) – Include Professional and easy to learn & used video editor software: Ulead Video Studio 8.0 SE DVD – Plug & play – Applying to internet conference / net-meeting – Complies With Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev. 2.0 – Input: S-Video/Audio L+R/CVBS (Composite Video Broadcast Signal) – Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux(V4L), MacOS – USB bus powered – USB extension cable included *Update!

There’s a piece of software out there called the EasyCap Viewer. It works great with the original for Mac OSX. Boot loader for mac. So save yourself some money and get the original and download the free viewer. I work for a school system and someone bought a device which you move over reading material like a mouse, but it has a camera and transmits the picture to a base, which has an RCA video out.

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