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Hi, For those of you looking for an AirPort alternative in the form of a USB wireless adapter, I would like to report success using the DWL-G122 from D-Link. Easy drawing program for mac. Double click for mac. My computer is an iBook 900MHz G3 running 10.4.3 with all the latest software updates. I have a Dlink DWL-G122 USB Wireless Stub which works perfectly with my Windows PC. Where can I find the driver for Mac (Tiger)? I searched the internet and there are some posts saying it uses ralink. The DWL-122 is a USB 1.1 wireless adapter capable of transfer rates up to 11Mbps, giving you the ability to connect to a wireless network at home, at the office or at any wireless hotspot. This page contains information about installing the latest D-Link DWL-G122 driver downloads using the D-Link Driver Update Tool. D-Link DWL-G122 drivers are tiny programs that enable your USB hardware to communicate with your operating system software.

Let's say you have an 'old' Mac you want to wirelessly connect to your AirPort network. In my case, it's an eMac. Like me, you probably don't want to buy an expensive AirPort Extreme card. It's worse if you have an old G3 CRT iMac: the already-expensive card needs an exepensive adapter! So you look on the internet for a cheap USB WiFi dongle solution, like many of your PC friends own. They don't make any of these for Macs? D-Link made one two years ago, but its new version (the DWL-G122) doesn't support OS X any more.

So I came across here, which made me purchase it, because the hint (and replies) stated that 'rev B1' of this dongle used a chipset that was Mac-compatible. And that the maker () had an OS X driver available on their site. But I quickly was disappointed: I could only use it when I had no password assigned to my wireless network! It just wouldn't work when my WEP encryption was enabled. After much research, and the help of others in the Ralink forums, I found a solution. Put simply (for you quick-minded network genies), you need to enable WPA Personal encyption (instead of WEP, which seems to be totally broken with this version of the driver) and use a 13-character password. For other, less-exeperienced users, I have written a very detailed walkthrough, which is a combination of the old hint, personal experience, info found on Apple's help pages, and elsewhere on the internet.

First, I assume you are on a Mac running OS X 10.4 (it may also work under 10.3, because Ralink provides drivers for Panther, too), and that you are within range of a wireless network (in my case, an AirPort Extreme Base Station) and not connected via Ethernet. You also must not have an AirPort card in this Mac, as having two WiFi devices that near may damage one or both. I know, why would you want to connect a USB WiFi dongle when you have AirPort hardware? It doesn't make sense, but some folks like to try stuff just for fun!

Second, and this is the 'tricky' thing (well, for me it was anyway), you must set your AirPort Extreme Base Station to use WPA Personal encyption. Because WEP encryption seems to be simply non-working with this version of the Ralink driver. So unless you want to use an unprotected wireless network (which is totally unsafe), you must use WPA.

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Note: I did not find any successful reports of WEP working with my kind of config, hence my self-made conclusion and recommendation to switch to WPA (thanks to 'Ryhs' in the Ralink forums). Luckily, changing your encryption to WPA is easy.

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