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DVD Rebuilder was added by ngeunit1 in Jul 2009 and the latest update was made in Nov 2014. The list of alternatives was updated Jun 2018 There is a history of all activites on DVD Rebuilder.

Professional Edition Version 1.28.2 CHANGES MADE TO PRO VERSION - Made numerous changes to make DVD-RB more sensitive to the security environment of Vista. - Made changes to make DVD-RB more compatible with some windows emulators. - Added support for the HC adaptive quantization (*AQ) function.This setting can improve picture in flat parts.A default value of '2' is used, but can be changed by setting 'HC_AQ=n' in the '[Options]' area of REBUILDER.INI.' N' can be any integer value between 0 and 4.' 0' disables AQ and '4' results in lower quants. Note: Keep in mind that due to virtualization associated with VISTA, your most current INI may be located in the VISTA VirtualStore.One easy way to get to it (if you are using VISTA), is to create a shortcut on your desktop that points to it.

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- Added a parameter to the HC SETTINGS menu that enables and disables LOGGING when encoding with HC encoder. The log will be written to a file named 'HCLOG.TXT' in the working directory.

- Included HC Encoder v0.23 in the installation packages. Software This version includes extended features and bug fixes. - Added ability to have different 1st and 2nd passes when using MOBILE encoding (see the MOBILE.INI template under the AVCHD beta for an example. Buy microsoft access for mac. - Added a 'hidden' option called 'ImgBurnDest' that, when added to REBUILDER.INI will force the write to a specific drive.This is expecially useful when working on a computer that has more than one writable drive.As an example, to force output to the 'F:' drive you would add 'ImgBurnDest=F:' to REBUILDER.INI.

- Modified the TEMPLATE commands so they automatically look in the VirtualStore for templates. - Corrected '35601' error that could happen (very rarely) on sources with no audio. - Added a parameter to the REBUILDER.INI file so that an alternate AVISYNTH resizing algorithm can be used for certain functions (e.g. Converting from 4:3 widescreen to 16:9 anamorphic).The default is 'LanczosResize'. Example usage: 'RESIZE=Spline36Resize'Note: Adding an incorrectly spelled resize parameter will cause your encoding to fail. - Other minor and cosmetic c Sections/Browse similar tools.

Dvd Rebuilder Mac

Very great and one of a kind application to utilize CCE or any other Encoders. There are STILL issues processing ILVU (Mutiple Angled) movies through rebuilder 1.28!! I have adressed this issue several times at Doom9, and it aggravates me Jdobs just do not want to accept the possibility that dvd rebuilder still might containt bugs/flaws. By the looks of the changelog, many ILVU fixes have taken place over time actually!!

Dvd Rebuilder For Mac

Apart from the ILVU aspect, i NEVER EVER have had an BAD encoded DVD. ASLONG it doesnt contain any ILVU cells REBUILDER is 100% reliable! I can confirm that I have now received my copy of DVD Rebuilder Pro so please ignore the comments I left below. Explanation: NEW SOFTWARE= New tool since your last visit NEW VERSION= New version since your last visit NEW COMMENT= New comment since your last visit NEW VERSION= New version Type and download NO MORE UPDATES? = The software hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

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