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Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Get the firmware file You shall first get the version file needed for the firmware update. There are multiple forks, so have a look. Click 'view raw' to get the original file and save it on your hard-drive. You shall also check that you still have the file of the actual firmware version in case you need to revert to it. You may also have a look at.

@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@ Config files for DuetWifi controller for Voron CoreXY V1.5. This includes many files for filament switching with a Y adapter above the hot end.

Only DC42 (and Chrishamm) forks manage Delta and CoreXY printers. These two forks are the only being still in development and there are exchanges between them. File name structure is: RepRapFirmware-XXX-DD-MM-YYYY.bin, where XXX is the version, and DD-MM-YYYY is the date of the firmware. Github downloading can be confusing and you may accidentally download the html page instead of the binary file.

Check the size which shall be approximately 270 kB. In application update From versions 1.09v of and 1.09x of, it is now possible to make the update without connecting via USB, with the command or directly with an upload via web interface. Mac os x 10 9 2 installer usb for mac.

Duet wifi for mac

Duet Wifi Mac

If you upload a firmware file via web interface 'settings' 'General', button 'load file(s)', at the end of uploading, the interface will tell you that you have uploaded a firmware file and ask if you want to update immediately. Clicking 'yes' will starts the update and one minute later, it is done. You may need to reload the interface in your browser after the update to get proper connection to the board. For this to work, you shall have first updated the firmware to a version above the one listed, which shall be done via traditional USB method (see further paragraph). Also, you shall have in the /sys directory the file iap.bin.

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The iap.bin file could be uploaded via the web interface, with same command as above ('settings' 'General', button 'load file(s)'). Iap.bin could be found on. Alternatively, you could set the files on the SD card directly or via FTP on /sys directory: • iap.bin - this is needed for in application firmware update and will stay permanently, so shall be done only once. • RepRapFirmware.bin - with this exact name, no version descriptive characters Web interface upload will modify the firmware file name automatically and remove the version reference, so you can upload the firmware file with its native name. While files are on SD card, to update, simply execute the command M997 without any parameter. The file 'RepRapFirmware.bin' will be erased from the SD card after the firmware update. Update via USB link How it works To update the Duet Firmware, you need to connect the Duet to your PC via an USB cable.

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