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Madotsuki's Closet - Yume Nikki Links If you find a file here that doesn't work, and you know where I can get a working one, please. This file was downloaded from Uboachan on 9/20/2012 Once you have the RAR file unpacked into a folder, download a copy of into the same folder. Clicking this file will start the game. ~ Other Links ~ I found this on wikidot; as I am not up-to-date with the community anymore I suggest trying these download links before mine! Please note that if you get an error box with exclaimation points in it when you try to run it you need to run it in Japanese (even if its an English translation).

See the next link. Instructions and links for getting the Japanese games running on your computer. This is my.flow walkthrough I first wrote years ago for version 0.10 and recently updated for version 0.19. Kikiyama's Yume Nikki homepage.

Download yume nikki, yume nikki, yume nikki download free. Lumion download for mac. Download Yume Nikki This file was downloaded from Uboachan on 9/20/2012 Once you have the RAR file unpacked into a folder, download a copy of RPG_RT.exe into the same folder.

Yes, it's in Japanese. Yume Nikki podcast. Download the Japanese version of the game here. There are full instructions on how to run it on an English computer included.

A possibly hacked version of Yume Nikki with new areas and an alternate ending, there's a video about it. Complete with. Someone took all the music files from the game and looped them each for three minutes. A 12-track fan-made album of YN music. Japanese fan-made YN album. Yume Nikki imageboard community. Yes, it's Yume Wikki.

Yume Nikki English Version Download

A forum for Yume Nikki and related games. Preview video of 'Yume 2kki,' a Japanese fan-made sequel to Yume Nikki currently in progress.

Yume Nikki English Download

Kind of a mini-Wiki. If you want to explore the inner workings of the game, you'll need RPGMaker 2003.

Fansite maintained by ObanStarRacer from YouTube. It may have been up before mine, but I promise I did searches and did not find any fansites. We can share though.:) This site actually has a place set aside where you can talk about Yume Nikki, which is awesome. Blog in Japanese by a Yume Nikki fan, full of great YN artwork. Review of YN on Review of YN on

Funny art blog starring Oreko from.flow. This page owned and maintained. Download pdf to jpg converter 2.0.1. Yume Nikki was created by Kikiyama who will probably never know this page exists.

Contents [] Overview Yume 2kki (ゆめ2っき) ( Yume Nikki, literally Dream Diary, but also a pun on the original game's title -- に, or 'ni,' means 2) is the original fangame that started it all. It is a large collaboration project from 2ch users and thus features a wide variety of worlds, effects and ideas. Gameplay Just like the original game, there is no overarching plot and the only goal is to explore and collect all of the effects. A unique feature of Yume 2kki is the inclusion of collectible wallpapers unlocked by reaching certain areas or activating certain events. These can be found on Urotsuki's real world PC and serve as a large side-quest for the game.

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