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(This was first published on my blog at in March 2011 but since December 2016 has redirected to this GitHub page) Introduction There isn't a single translation for XML to JSON but several, each with different characteristics. Choosing the right one depends largely on two things, the XML that you want to translate and how you will write code to manipulate the JSON.

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Json convert xml free download - JSON To XML Converter Software, XML To JSON Converter Software, JSON to XML converter, and many more programs. Best Video Software for the Mac How To Run MacOS. How to convert json to xml using xslt. Ask Question. @user1731504 I will work on an XSLT 1.0 json to xml converter, but only one that works on a limited subset of json. Download apa style paper. Hopefully, it will be enough for your needs. Convert Embedded JSON to XML using XSLT.


If you set certain standards for the XML you will be using then this can simplify the JSON produced and make it easier to manipulate. This article walks throught the various choices you have in JSON output and provides example XSLT code for the various choices to form a construction kit that you can use to assemble an XSLT that works the way you want it to. There are some complete examples at the end that bundle together some common choices. BTW the JSON spec () talks about name/value pairs but I'm going to use the more normal terminology of key/value pairs.

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Design goals Given the wide variety of ways to encode XML as JSON, these goals narrow down the choices for this article • As much of the XML data structure is preserved as possible, except where you choose to drop ordering. This implies two fundamental characteristics of all of the translations presented here: • Elements are encapsulated as JSON objects. • The translations are reversible (with the exception of ordering if you decide to drop that). I'm not going to cover how to do the reverse translation as this is focused on XSLT and that can only process XML. • The code needs to comply with the XSLT 1.0 spec not the 2.0 spec. While using 2.0 would be easier, at the time of writing (2011) it is basically only supported in one open source processor, Saxon, which limits its usefulness.

• Namespaces are transparent, which means that element/attribute names with namespaces have those namespaces preserved, but namespace directives are ignored and do not make it into the JSON. Modelling the JSON There are two obvious different ways in which a developer might manipulate the resultant JSON.

Style 1 is where the where the developer knows what JSON to expect and will be addressing elements and attributes by name and pulling out the values. For these the easiest implementation has the element name as a key for an object that contains the entire element contents and attributes like this. '$': [ ] ' ', Multiple numbers, booleans and text XML represents everything as text but JSON represents numbers, booleans and text differently. true false ' ', Multiple child elements - ordered The examples above are pretty simplistic and it's unlikely anyone will be translating a document of just single elements inside other elements. It is much more likely there will be multiple elements (and/or text but we'll come to that later).

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