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SeaMonkey for Mac Editor's Review 'SeaMonkey' is Mozilla's product, formerly called 'Mozilla Application Suite'. This is a community project, which includes many features from standalone programs or extensions. In reality, Mozilla says that the SeaMonkey's browser functionality is powered by the same engine that is implemented in Firefox 2.


SeaMonkey for Mac is the all-in-one internet application suite formerly known as the 'Mozilla Application Suite', Containing an Internet browser, email & newsgroup client with an included web feed reader, HTML editor, IRC chat and web development tools, SeaMonkey is sure to appeal to advanced users, web developers and corporate users. SeaMonkey for Mac is a functional Web browser that has successfully integrated e-mail and instant message applications. This program would be appropriate for both personal and business Internet usage.

The test agrees. Even if the application has the Firefox 2 engine, it doesn't have the same extensions support. Just a few extensions are compatible with SeaMonkey, because Mozilla's attention is directed to Firefox and Thunderbird. The application has built-in email support. The email engine is the same engine used. However, it lacks the support for RSS feeds, but it has a build-in wizard that automatically sets up Gmail accounts via the and the protocols.

You can also do that manually, but you need to know the settings required by the Gmail servers. This wizard is a time saver. SeaMonkey has a built-in IRC client too.

In reality, it's a Firefox extension, called Chatzilla, that is included in this package. The application also has an address book manager. You can add/remove contacts, change the contact's details, etc. When you send an email for the first time, that address is automatically collected and placed into the address book manager. The application also includes a tool that usually isn't available in this kind of applications. It includes a HTML editor.

The HTML editor interface is split into normal type of Web page editing, HTML tags editing, HTML source editing, and the preview of the Web page that you are working on. Another interesting feature is a small button that's available at the bottom of the navigator window, on the right side. This button allows you to switch easily between online and offline mode. This feature is available in Firefox too, but you can only find it in the 'File' menu.

Pluses: It has built in the functionality of many standalone programs and of Firefox/Thunderbird extensions. It's highly customizable. Drawbacks / flaws: The rendering engine fails the 's Acid2 test. The interface could be a little more flexible, like Firefox's customization of the navigator toolbar. The interface looks like a UI from the early computer years.

I thing the Neolithic age is gone, so it's time for some work to be done there. In conclusion: With so many built-in features, this program looks more like a browser with Mozilla's extension support and some extra tools.

It doesn't have the same support for Web standards, as Opera does. However, the future versions of Gecko, the Mozilla's rendering engine, will bring the desired support. Version reviewed: 1.1 SeaMonkey for Mac Publisher's Description.

SeaMonkey is a web browser that uses the same rendering engine as Firefox, sharing some of its features as well, like tabbed browsing and a pop-up blocker. The software includes an e-mail client and Thunderbird-based newsgroups compatible with.Mac and Unix Mailspool (Movemail) accounts.

It also supports multiple email accounts and includes a junk mail filter to avoid spam. On top of all that, SeaMonkey offers an IRC client: Chatzilla.

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SeaMonkey also offers other features that might be very useful for web developers, like a HTML editor (Composer), a Javascript debugger, and a DOM inspector. Review vpn for mac.

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