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The apps only downside is a lack of application window captures, which you’ll still need to do with the default app. Otherwise, it’s got just about everything you could want in a screenshot app, which makes it a powerful companion for anyone who needs to take a ton of screen captures. Best Screenshot Apps for Mac & Windows By Creative Market Creative Market on May 2, 2016 in Design Trends Tweet This Share This Capturing, saving and sharing screenshots is an essential part of any designer's process. Greatest screenshot apps for mac. The Best Screenshot Apps for macOS Matt Klein February 9th, 2017 Anyone who uses a Mac regularly knows that macOS’s screenshot abilities are pretty solid, but they could always be better.

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Download Rift For Mac

Oculus have announced what PC specs you’ll need to deliver a great Windows based VR experience. However, Oculus Mac OSX and Linux VR users are out of luck as Oculus have stated that they’re “pausing” development for those platforms. Atman Binstock, Chief Architect, Oculus VR Oculus finally delivered details the VR community and the wider gaming community had been waiting for yesterday, releasing the. But it’s clear now that Oculus sees Windows as the target platform for PC gamers for at least the foreseeable future. In a follow up blog post, Chief Architect at Oculus Atman Binstock and towards the end, dropped a small bomb on OSX and Linux VR users: Our development for OS X and Linux has been paused in order to focus on delivering a high quality consumer-level VR experience at launch across hardware, software, and content on Windows. We want to get back to development for OS X and Linux but we don’t have a timeline.

Oculus Rift Download For Mac

Wifi app for mac. It’s a move likely to disappoint fans of open source and Mac users, but it seems Oculus feel that focusing their internal resources on delivering the best Windows experience possible is the way forward for now. Frankly, it does seems like a smart move for Oculus. Delivering consumer grade virtual reality is tough enough without having to juggle the support of multiple platforms as well and Windows is by far the largest OS platform for desktop gaming. The question this raises however is: Where does this leave support for Valve’s platform? Event flyer templates for mac. We’ll be looking at this in a forthcoming post.

Oculus Rift Mac Compatible

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It was back in May 2014 that Oculus. Support for the operating systems was dropped out of the SDK when the company moved up to 0.4.0, but Mac eventually returned in the and “experimental”. The company’s showed Mac and Linux icons amidst those of Windows, Android, and iOS, which seemed to be an indication of a commitment to those platforms. And while the company technically did provide an SDK capable of Mac and Linux development () for the product that was the focus of the Kickstarter (the Rift DK1), backers may understandably be disappointed that their once-supported OS is no longer a priority. iOS, on the other hand, has never seen official support from Oculus, likely due to restrictions on Apple’s mobile platform. I understand the rationale, but it’s not the gamers that this really concerns. Most of them are in fact running Windows as their primary OS. It’s the developers who use OS X and Linux (which is a lot of developers, including the Unity devs) whom this is primarily an inconvenience for.

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