Download Kworld Kanvus Office 54 Tablet Driver 1.24 For Mac


Kanvus Virtuoso T5000 Driver Download. Kanvus Virtuoso T5000 Driver for Windows XP/Vista/7 32/64-bit and MAC OS X. KANVUS OFFICE 54 Make A Splash of your Life across office documents, put your Creativity at Work with pinpoint accuracy and handwriting recognition programs. Just download the KWorld Kanvus Office 54 Tablet Driver 5.2 driver and start the installation (keeping in mind that the Others device must be at the same time connected to the computer). After the installation of the KWorld Kanvus Office 54 Tablet Driver 5.2 driver, the device should work properly. Download Drivers, download Tablets, download Kanvus, wide range of software, drivers and games to download for free.

• User Manual Windows & Macintosh V1.02. • Table of the Contents About This User’s Manual.2 4. Using the Bundled Software.45 Notes for This Manual.

Download Kworld Kanvus Office 54 Tablet Driver 1.24 For Mac

2 Minimum System Requirements.46 Safety Information.3 Introduction to Tablet Software. 47 Supporting Operating Systems. 48 Care and Cleaning. • About This User’s Manual You are reading the Kanvus Light 54 Graphic Tablet User Manual. This Manual provides information regarding the components in the Kanvus Graphic Tablet and how to use them. The following are major sections of this User’s Manual: 1. • S a f e t y I n f o r m a t i o n Adhering to the following safety information will prolong the life of the Tablet.

DO NOT try to open the housing of the tablet and the digital pen. It will void your warranty. Product Introduction -Package Contents -Tablet -Digital Pen.

• Package Contents Check your package for the following items. Kanvus Light 54 Digital Tablet Kanvus Installation CD Kanvus Digital Pen KP-201 Kanvus Tutorial DVD Pen Tips & Battery Quick Start Guide. • Tablet Refer to the picture below. USB Connector LED Indicator Working Area Descriptions ○ ○ ○ ○ 1 — USB Connector: Connect to a USB port on your PC. ○ ○ ○ ○ 2 — Working Area: Please refer to Working area section for detail descriptions. • (a) A built-in power saving function would execute the power saving mode for the pen if it is left unused for a period of time. Tap anywhere on the surface with the tip of the pen to “wake it up” if it has gone into power saving mode.

(b) When the pen tablet is re-activated, the LED light will go on for a moment, and will then turn off again. • Digital Pen Refer to the pictures below. Button 2 Button 1 Pen Tip Descriptions ○ ○ ○ ○ 1 — Button 2: This button functions as the Right Click of the mouse (by default). ○ ○ ○ ○ 2 — Button 1: Functions like the scroll of the mouse, you can move up/down/left/right (by default). • Replacing the pen tip 1. Fill the pen tip in the middle of the extractor.

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Pull the pen tip out. Slide in the new pen tip. Gently push the new pen tip until it is lodged securely in place. Replacing the battery Gently pull out the upper barrel of the pen. G e t t i n g S t a r t e d -Installation -Configuration. • Installation Windows Installing the Driver Software on Windows Please follow the installation instructions below for Microsoft Windows operating systems: 1.

Once you insert the installation CD into your CD ROM drive, the main installation window will appear immediately. Please select “Driver Setup” to start the driver installation program.

Read the or visit the Daily Advice Thread for help! • General Megathreads: — — • Guild Recruting Megathreads: — — — • Rep Exchange Megathreads: — — — New here? Rune optimizer for mac.

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• Hardware Installation Connect the tablet to a PC via an available USB port, after you have installed the driver and rebooted your PC. Driver must be installed before you connect the device. • Mac OS Installing the Driver Software on Mac OS Please follow the steps below to install the driver: 1. Please insert the installation CD into your CD drive. Then click “PenTabletSetup.mpkg” to start the installation program.

Download Kworld Kanvus Office 54 Tablet Driver 1.24 For Mac

When the “Install” dialog box appears, select the “Continue”. Remember that Mac computers require a set of username and password during installation or un-installation. Enter your password and click “OK” to continue. When the installation is completed, click “Close” to exit the installation program. Canon lbp3000 driver free download for mac.

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After that, please remembering reboots your system software. • Configuration Windows To configure your tablet, please press 【Start】 ► 【Settings】 ► 【Control Panel】, and double-tap the 【Tablet Setting 】icon. Or tap on the tablet icon ( ) in the System Tray (located at the lower right corner of the screen). There are 4 tabs: Info, Button, Scope, Pressure. Info The Info tab displays the version number of the driver and Tablet PC function. (1) Show Icon in System Tray: Tick the box beside it if you want to show the tablet icon ( ) in the system tray. (2) Support Tablet PC Feature: Tick the box Support Tablet PC Feature to enable the Tablet PC function of pressure sensitivity.

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