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“Apple has taken the industry’s leading professional DVD authoring tool, DVD Studio Pro, and rewritten it from scratch for Mac OS X and Cocoa, turning it into a completely new product with a breakthrough user interface,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. Dvd studio pro 4 Download dvd studio pro 4 or read online here in PDF or EPUB. Please click button to get dvd studio pro 4 book now. All books are in clear copy here,.


The ability to produce more eye candy with less work -- that just about sums up what's new in DVD Studio Pro 3.0. The latest version of Apple's high-end DVD-authoring program provides gorgeous new design options for DVD developers, and it adds features that reduce DVD development time.

The difference between DVD Studio Pro 1.5's interface and that of version 2.0 was like night and day (; ). DVD Studio Pro 3 builds on the strengths of version 2. Version 3 brings a variety of improvements that add up to an appealing upgrade -- and they further strengthen DVD Studio Pro's position as the best value in professional DVD-authoring software. Fallout for mac. Same Pretty Face Like version 2, DVD Studio Pro 3 lets you work in any of three operating modes -- Basic, Extended, or Advanced -- depending on your skill level and the complexity of your project.

In Basic mode, DVD Studio Pro 3 feels like Apple's iDVD with a graduate degree -- you can use many of the same drag-and-drop techniques to create DVDs, but you have more control over video compression, menu designs, and menu navigation. In Extended and Advanced modes, you can take advantage of everything that DVD-Video technology allows -- subtitles, alternative video angles and audio tracks, advanced navigation schemes, and more. Like version 2, DVD Studio Pro 3 demands a fast Mac and a big screen.

On a dual-1GHz Power Mac G4 with 1GB of memory, the program was a bit sluggish, and on a 17-inch display, the interface was cramped. A dual-2GHz Power Mac G5 with 2GB of RAM delivered smooth performance, and a 23-inch Apple Cinema HD Display better accommodated the program's many windows and palettes. The biggest change in DVD Studio Pro's interface is a new Graphical view, which depicts the navigation structure of your DVD.

It's similar to the Map feature in iDVD 4, but it does much more. For example, you can print the Graphical view to document your work or to send it to a client for approval. Visual Feasts Professional DVDs often have transitions between menus: one menu pushes another off the screen, for example. Creating menu transitions used to be labor-intensive and required Apple's Final Cut Pro or Adobe After Effects. DVD Studio Pro 3 makes the process a one-click operation. You can choose from 30 transition styles, ranging from a classic cross-dissolve to a spectacular lens flare in which an animated glare of brilliant light separates one menu from the next.

Ban tin lien quan mobile. You can even assign a different transition to each DVD menu button or specify that one or more buttons not have any transition at all. Many of version 3's transitions use transparency effects to provide additional glitz; for example, a menu can show through an animated object that's part of the transition. Here's the best part: with surprisingly little effort, you can create transparent transitions yourself.

Use Final Cut Pro, After Effects, or Apple's forthcoming Motion to create the transitions' animated elements, and then store them in a specific folder on your hard drive to make them available from within DVD Studio Pro. Hp drivers for mac. This is a great way to go beyond DVD Studio Pro 3's built-in transitions. I wouldn't be surprised to see third-party transition collections soon. Version 3 also lets you add transitions between images in a DVD slide show, and you can even specify a different transition between each image. But this may earn you a summons from the design police (and rightly so). Some DVD players support jacket pictures, static images that appear when people press the stop button on their DVD players. DVD Studio Pro 3 adds support for jacket pictures, and creating them is as easy as choosing an option from a pop-up menu.

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