Do You Have Your Tickets Yet For Mac


Alternatively FAQs about getting your tickets are below. Finding and buying tickets online a Why can't I find tickets for a show yet?

Do You Have Your Tickets Yet For Mac

To order tickets by phone, please call Ticketmaster National Sales at 1-800-745-3000. 5) Get your friends to try too, but stay in contact in case you all succeed and end up with a bunch of tickets you didn’t want. If you do need to sell any on, do so at face value. No-one likes a tout. So I have tickets to an event for a friend's birthday, and I kind of want to surprise them. I'm kind of lacking in the creativity department so I forward the task to you guys.

There are a number of reasons why you might not be able to purchase tickets: • Brochures: Sometimes shows are advertised in brochures before they go on sale. Check your brochure for on sale dates • Priority booking: There are priority booking periods for Theatre Card holders, which might explain why others have been able to purchase and you haven’t. • Late ticket releases: Sometimes more tickets are released at later dates. Please keep checking our website for more availability, join our mailing list for more news, or find us on and to get the most recent updates. B Do you have standing, standby or day tickets?

Standing tickets: A number of our venues have standing room tickets. T&Cs apply so please check the website or call us on 0844 871 7627.

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Standby tickets: This varies on a show by show basis. Day tickets: This varies on a show by show basis, so please go to the box office on the day to find out. C Are there going to be more tickets released if it says sold out?

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This doesn’t happen a lot, but keep an eye on the website as everything goes online if we release any more. • Resales and returns: There may be some resales and returns for shows at the Donmar Warehouse. To get them, you have to go to the theatre’s Box Office in person (an hour before the performance starts) where you’ll be able to buy the tickets at face value. The same goes for other venues, although as a rule we don’t normally have any for other theatres (the only way some might become available is if the show’s whole run is sold out).

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