Diving Team Ready For Mac


Taking ownership of your sport! This has been the theme this week at practice. You need to come to practice with a mission. Fcc id bcg 0444 apple lle emulation card for mac pro. What do you need to focus on the most?

When I would have a bad swim meet I could not wait to get to practice to fix whatever it was that needed to be fixed. It could have been my turns or my start or just pacing myself better in a long set. Whatever it was I knew I had to fix it because it was my swimming no one else's. The worst thing a swimmer can do is just float up and down for two hours. I call that mindless swimming and it happens to the best of us. Next time you hit the pool have a mission what do you want to improve on! As we get ready to head into the short course season you need to ask yourself, 'Why am I swimming'?

You need to have something to motivate you every day to come to practice and train hard. Goals will keep you honest all season long. The more you achieve the more you will want to achieve! If you plan on swimming in college and you are a high school swimmer train hard and you will get recruited! Most important as we get ready to hit the pool again you always need to have fun with your training! When a swimmer says to me, 'Omg we are done already'!

This just makes me feel good. It tells me the swimmer has been engaged for the whole practice. With the little time, you have left before short course write your goals down and let us know. We are part of your journey and excited about it.

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Diving Team Ready For Mac

Please be on-deck ready to warm-up at 4:45. 2018-05-22 11:39 PDT by MAC Manta Rays Swim Team Hi Rays! Memorial Day is on the horizon which means our FIRST DAY OF PRACTICE is soon to follow!! 2018 TEAM REGISTRATION is LIVE! 2018-05-06 03:36 PDT by MAC Manta Rays Swim Team.

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