A complete list would be fine. Maybe teo can implement an optional LC-field with an automatic check. Somebody used 'TELDEC' as label and the LC 3379 -> result is a warning 'labelcode belongs to Jupiter Records, please doublecheck the label') More important in my post above is the 'brand registration' example, esp. The fields ' company', ' brand name' and ' has been licensed to us by company' because it gives a hint for the 'How to deal with Major Label organization?'

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  1. Gruppenbild Discogs

[Invalid Label], [Invalid Label], [Invalid Label], [Invalid Label], [Invalid Label] are not different labels. It is always the SAME 'brand name'. It makes no sense to split a brand into territorial pieces. Ok, the releases are handled by different companies, but also in one country a brand can be marketed by different companies (e.g. The MCA brand in Germany: TELDEC 'Telefunken-Decca' Schallplatten GmbH, Metronome Musik GmbH, Ariola-Eurodisc GmbH, WEA Musik GmbH etc.).

Hi, I came across that topic in the forums. Great idea to make a list of all these labelcodes.

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I have been wondering before why that part of information wasn't included in discogs yet. Please keep the last list at the moment. I will check all 'brand names' (therefore i will remove again the 'germany' in 'Rough Trade' + what is the Brand of the Trisol. GmbH?, UNIVERSAL MCA MUSIC (UK) sounds also like a division name and not like a brand).


Secondly i think some 'new' brands belong to the 5-digit-section (perhaps we need 2 lists 4-digits & 5-digits or better one thread for discussions & additions + one (closed) thread for the 4-digit-system & one (closed) thread for the 5-digit-system?). Sjcee: should you make a database somewhere else and link to it in the main post? That way the original posts + posters aren't lost, if there are discussions to be had about the validity of the labelcodes. This will get REALLY long, as it's to be over 10,000 labels. And a few more labelcodes: LC 02592:, from Pilote's LC 04270:, from a comp not yet in the system LC 5865:, from Antiloop's CD LC 10521:, from Kid606's LC 11652:, from Tigric's I found a that seems to include labelcodes in their playsists, for whatever reason. But it seems their info should be taken with some scepticism and research, as I came upon this site when looking for 'LC 5865' (from my copy of, which seems to be on ). That site lists it as being attributed to a sub-label,, while my copy of Antiloop's album is on Stockholm Records itself.

Or if we are to include this in the release guidelines with some built-in cross-referencing, the system would have to be able to reference the parent labels, not just the main label of the given release. On this - does anyone know what the PY code is? I think I've only seen it on Antiloop's CD. The design is very similar to the LC style, with a circle around the PY, with an oval extending to the numbers following. Apparently, LC numbers appear only on releases that are intended for sale in Germany, I believe (but not necessarily only in Germany / you'll see them on pan-EU releases originating in other countries).

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Gruppenbild Discogs

So I wouldn't expect to see it on a South African release. Autogate machine. My problem with keeping just the list is that people will make mistakes and we won't know what they were basing their info on. Some of the comments above make it clear that people might think 'oh LC (whatever#) is (whatever label)' at first, then find out that the code applies to a family of labels, or the parent, or the successor, or whatever. Discogs having its own label naming & organization system makes for further room for people to be confused. So I like to be able to see what releases people used as evidence of the codes that were added to the list.

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