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I am a Mac user and I am a Microsoft Office user as well. I have an Office 365 subscription and I use Office for Windows, Mac and iPad. One thing that bothers me is how Microsoft Office 2011 is inferior to its Windows counterpart. However, Office for iPad gave me some hope that the next Office for Mac may be better and have a better interface as well. However, people on this forum are usually more interested in discussing how Microsoft and Office are a pile of crap and how Office 365 is not worth it. In my view, these discussions are worthless.

Either you need or you don't need Office. I do need Office. I have tested other office suites and word processors and Microsoft Office is the only one with all the features I need. In addition to that, it is the most compatible office suite. So, I chose to pay the expensive subscription price and I am not complaining. If you are better off with an open source solution or with iWorks, then it is fine.


I created some excel spread sheets on a Mac G4, OS 10.5.8, size is 896kb. I can no longer open the spread sheets on the Mac G4. Excel does work on the G4, I can open and work on the other sheet. Apr 16, 2018  In the upper-right corner of the Excel window, click the oval button. Note When this button is clicked, the toolbars are hidden (in any Microsoft Office for Mac application). A second click causes the toolbars to be displayed. If the toolbars reappear, quit Excel, and then restart Excel to make sure that the appropriate toolbars are displayed.

But I am not interested in keeping these discussions. What I would like to know is more about the forthcoming Office for Mac. Office 2011 is OK, but it is still heavy and somewhat buggy. Office 2010 for Windows was better, and Office 2013 is much better than Office 2011 for Mac. I would like to see big improvements in the next Office for Mac. I liked the Office for iPad interface.

I also liked that Microsoft employees commented that Office for iPad and Office for Mac share a lot of code, so Office for iPad helped on the de-carbonization of Office for Mac. That's good news. I guess we could expect Office for Mac to be faster, lighter, less buggy and have a better interface than the last version. Still, I don't know if it will keep the same features. I hope Microsoft does not remove any feature (such as it did with the iPad version). On the opposite: I sincerely hope more feature parity with the Windows version. And I also would like to have a clue on when it will be released.

Office 2011 was released in October 2010; Office 2008 was released in January 2008; Office 2004 was released in May 2004. And what about the next Office version? It was supposed to be Office 2014. I heard September. Historically, all Office versions released in the second half of the year are named after the following year.

If the next Office is released in September, will it be Office 2015 then? What do you think? I suspect that Office 2014 will only be sold as part of Office 365 subscription. Reasons: (1) The Mac installed base is small enough for Microsoft to try this stunt without much risk; (2) Adobe has shown that customers are willing to pay for subscription software (and so has Evernote/Dropbox and all the other premium web apps); and (3) if it succeeds with the Mac crowd, they can try the same move with Office for windows for the next release. Personally, I don't mind the Office 365 subscription. The common Office formats - Word, Excel, PowerPoint - have extensive read/write support through 3rd party apps, so terminating the Office 365 subscription at some point is not a big deal.

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Did Ms Purposely Dumb Down Excel For Mac Free

And 5 Macs/PCs + 5 mobile devices is a pretty generous deal by Microsoft's licensing standards. Click to expand.Ditto.and if they don't make it available through the HUP, then I'll keep on legging it on with my Mac Office 2008 & Office 2013 with my Win7 Parallels VM (but I'd much rather stay in the Mac-side). My experience with Office 4.2.1, Office 98, Office 2001, Office v.X, Office 2004, and Office 2008 (I skipped 2011 on the Mac) is that the majority of the time, they leave out a key feature from a previous version/don't make it as good as the current Windoze version, for??? Reasons unknown. And why is the Mac version seemingly slower? The last Office version I was completely happy with was Office 2001. If I didn't get it for $9.95 via the HUP, I wouldn't even bother with it.

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