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Canon eos 350d picture style editor As Mac continues to grow in popularity and cement its place in businesses and schools around the world, you’re being tasked to deploy, inventory and secure this influx of devices. /nigamon-alice-download-for-mac/. While there is an arsenal of Mac management software choices, most lack the functionality for full lifecycle management.

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Mfc8890dw driver for mac. First published on CloudBlogs on Nov 23, 2015 has always had comprehensive support for managing modern devices (Android, iOS, and Windows) using the MDM framework. As last week, I’m excited to share that we’ve extended our MDM management platform to include support for managing Mac OS X devices. These capabilities are built on the same robust MDM infrastructure used for managing iOS devices. With the introduction of Intune support for Mac OS X, you can now use Intune to manage every major platform through a consistent IT Admin experience. Let’s explore how Intune can help you easily configure, secure, and report on your Mac devices. Simple Enrollment You can enroll a Mac device in Intune in just a few clicks – using Safari browser, go to the Intune Company Portal website ( ) and click the notification bar to kick off the enrollment process.

Any Mac device on OS X 10.9 or later that can connect to the Internet can be enrolled in Intune – no special software or infrastructure required! Just like on iOS, enrolling a Mac device requires installation of a Management Profile. End-users will automatically be prompted to install the profile via the Mac OS X System Preferences app (the Mac equivalent of Settings). After successful enrollment, Mac devices will appear in the Company Portal website alongside the user’s other enrolled devices.

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Easy configuration You can configure Mac devices to easily connect to your corporate environment with the necessary resource access profiles including: • Wi-Fi profiles for zero-touch end-user access to wireless networks • VPN profiles to allow Macs to remotely access company resources • Certificate profiles to help secure access to company resources All of these configuration options (and more) are available through a brand new “Mac OS X” policy node we’ve added to the Intune admin console. Can’t find a setting that you need in one of these templates? You can use a Custom Configuration Policy to configure any settings on the Mac device supported by the Apple MDM framework. You can use the tool to export a custom.mobileconfig file and upload it to Intune.

Kceasy for mac os. Alternatively, you can consult the to craft your own XML file based on the documented schema. Device-level security Ensuring Macs are compliant with your organization’s security policies can be accomplished using the General Configuration Policy template. This policy includes baseline settings for password requirements and screensaver timeouts. This policy also includes options for defining App Compliance Lists, which allow you to generate reports on Mac devices which have installed apps that may be non-compliant (as defined by the IT Admin).

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