Desk Space A While Ago Ft. Fliqlo Screensaver For Mac


Hey all, Here's a weird problem I just got on a new (refurb) MBP. Sometimes (not always) when I comeback to my MacBook after it's gone to screensaver then display sleep (though not full system sleep) the cursor is invisible upon wake. I know the cursor is still there, but it just can't be seen on screen.

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If I go down to one of my hot corners, the associated action still happens (in my case sleep the display / activate screensaver -how ironic ), and if I roll over the dock I can bring it up and magnify the icons as I roll over them. All with no visible cursor whatsoever. In fact, I only get a cursor once I click on an app and either launch it or bring it up from being minimized / hidden.

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Read the Microsoft Help post to know the simple 3 steps to protect your files by using a screensaver password. Make Your Own Desktop Art Gallery. Last year’s post on 5 Ways to Make Your Own Screensavers 5 Ways to Make Your Own Screensavers (Windows) 5 Ways to Make Your Own Screensavers (Windows) Read More took a look at some easy and quick ways to create your own screensavers. The screen saver comes from designer Yuji Adachi and it’s available at Fliqlo for Windows and Mac OS X. We will walk you through installation steps, but first, a few of our favorite desk spaces featuring the screensaver and some fun facts about the history of the flip clock. Screensavers Planet: An older version of Fliqlo for Mac can be downloaded here. By Mira on April 4, 2016 i went into display settings and found fliqlo there. It was extremely easy to adjust the timeout period as with any other screensaver.

Desk Space A While Ago Ft. Fliqlo Screensaver For Mac

This has never happened on any machine I've had before, but by all indications it's a software problem, nothing to do with the hardware. It's a new 15' MBP 2.2 Ghz, 4GB Ram running Leopard 10.5.2 with all updates (even the recent keyboard update). A search on this brought up someone else on another board with the same problem, but then the issue got clouded with discussion of dual-monitors or external displays (neither of which I use). I'm going to go fix permissions right now, but I was hoping somebody here could ID this and help me figure it out. Fix for disappearing cursor after waking up from sleep This problem drove me crazy. I was disappointed that a brand new computer with a brand new OS would already have such a recurring issue.

That said, this seems to do the trick: Use Spaces! Move the mouse until you can see that Spaces (in the dock -- or go up to Spotlight and find it) is selected, then just access a different 'space' (one of the other 4 [default is 4] quadrants). Cursor appears immediately in the new space and remains present when you return to the original space. I hope this helps you all, too. This is the first time this has happened to me.


Normally i put my imac to sleep, today i just let it repeat my itunes playlist and loop for about 12 hours and slept thru it. It eventually went from screensaver to no screen, still playing the music. Woke it up and no mouse. None of the above tricks worked (couldnt try spaces though). I had to restart completely. Oddly enough i had the 10.6.2 update waiting to be installed, and when it asked me to install or restart, the mouse was there. Any ideas on a fix for this? W770 wireless usb adaptor driver for mac.

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