Dell 3000cn Driver For Mac


The Dell 3100cn is a versatile printer with loads of connectivity options and support for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. This printer ships with a standard 64MB of RAM, enough to support a. Dell 3000CN printer driver download for windows 8, 8.1, 10, Apple Mac and Linux – Download Operating system’s drivers are not available on Dell official website, either the drivers are inbuilt in the operating system or the printer does not support these operating systems. To print from Linux/Mac OS, you need the PS drivers (or Appletalk to print from just the Mac computer). The 3000cn does not have the hardware to support PS/Appletalk, and it cannot be added on. You might try a generic PCL driver, which may or may not work. Instructions to Installation driver of Dell 3000cn printer. Connect printer and computer by USB cable. Glo bible free version download for mac. If you want to setup printer network then you need to switch network cable to printer and then set IP address for printer in network range with all computer. Dell 3000cn Driver Download. Dell 3000cn Dell Laser device Publishing device 3000cn blew away the competitors in every examined type of high quality, 3000cn while printing at decent rates of speed as well as kudos for document managing and functionality.


There is no mac driver for the 3000cn. It is not suppossed to have a mac driver; only the 3100cn possesses this advantage, being postscript compatible. The only way for a mac to print to this printer in color would be to add postscript onto the 3000cn. Unfortunately, I ahve no idea how one would accomplish this. There are ways to emulate PCL on a mac for black and white printing, but I don't believe they possess color implementation. Your best bet would be to call Dell, claim you were misled, and ask for an exchange to the 3100cn. Good luck -oncall.

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Mike: I'm glad gimpprint worked, but it doesn't have any color laser compatibility. If they really don't want to exchange it, you might want to look into other implementations like ghostscript, or perhaps get an xp simulator for your mac, in which case you could install the windows drivers and print that way? I can't think of that many options except working your way up the customer support hierarchy. I mean, eventually someone would understand that you bought it by accident, haven't yet actually used the printer, were confused by the sales or technical staff (who are still themselves learning about these new models) and would immediately trade for the 3100cn. Very best of luck -oncall. Sorry to take so long to reply, I don't scroll back the pages often enough. However, I hope that this will be of some assistance to those performing an archive search through these forums: What you need to do to configure the network options from a G5 is first determine whether the printer is on the network.

To do this: print out the configuration sheet for the printer (using the button commands on the unit itself). From this you can learn the MAC (physical address) of the printer. You can also learn if it has been auto-assigned an IP from your router. If an IP address has been given to it, you're all set - just open up safari or whatnot, punch in that IP address, and you're talking to the printer.

To set it up to print, go to the print manager, add a new printer as an IP or Internet printing unit (whatever similar option it gives you), and type in the IP address that printed up on the configuration sheet. The Dell CD that came with the printer contains the specific drivers. If an IP address is not assigned (eg. It reads instead of, then your router is probably blocking it, and this is where you need the MAC (physical) address you got earlier. You need to use your G5 to navigate to your router configuration page (usually 192.168.x.1, where x is 0, 1, or 2). Once there, you need to make sure that you permit that physical address access to your network. You can also assign (with most routers) a static IP, so that you'll never have any configuration problems when the ip renew time comes up.

Please start a new thread if you experience additional problems. Good luck, -oncall.

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