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I'm looking for Courtney. I have a blanket license for BWF Widget Pro and I want to purchase the product for Mac if it's really available. Courtney Goodin advises that his excellent program BWF-Widget Pro can rename BWF files with metadata, and can also print sound reports with the filenames, even slice up polyphonic files to mono files, etc.

BWF-Widget Broadcast Wave File Utility All the Features of BWF-Widget plus professional features like: • The ability to Edit Metadata in the file as well as add notes to the Data Grid. • Click to Create detailed which can be printed out and included on Dailies Disk in PDF format. • Supports Cue / Markers in Metadata and for Playback. • Track ID's supported in Metadata - View Track Labels for up to 10 Tracks. • File Management - Copy files by choosing them from the sorted Data Grid. Benq szw 3300u scanner drivers for mac. • Gather Metadata from all files in Subfolders into a single Database. • Find Files - Assemble a list of all files that contain a Time Code or Track ID.

• Support for iXML Metadata viewing and editing. • Debug & Tweak Window with advanced tools like Pull Down and Pull Up. • Playback cuing - Drop markers in file for Playback Cues when auditioning. • Off Speed Playback with Time Code Display. Automatically calculate playback speed for any camera frame rate. Time-Code tracks properly to maintain sync playback using LCD Monitor as TC Slate.

• Chunk Viewer lets you view the raw data from all the chunks in the file. • Automatic Countdown Beeps for Music Cue or ADR Playback. • Batch processing of pull-up and pull-down of sample rate. • Batch file re-naming with Scene and Take numbers incorporated into the filename. • Batch MP3 Encoder with Time Code and Metadata carried to new compressed file • MP3 playback for transcription or logging with running time code matching the original Broadcast Wave File. • Playback of MPEG compressed BWF files.

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Weather Widgets For Mac

Playback of WMA files with running Timecode offset. • Automatically stores Time Code on clipboard each time you play or pause the files. For easy pasting into Transcript bwf-widget pro Web site design by © Copyright 2005 by Courtney M.

Goodin - All Rights Reserved.

Just like iOS, starting with Yosemite, OS X now supports having widgets in notification center, enabling you to take a quick look at something or do a simple task real quick without firing up an app. With just a click, now you can see weather forecasts, view calendar events, check stocks, make snappy calculations, and much more. Ever since this huge update, several app developers have started updating their apps to take advantage of the widget functionality. To access these widgets, simply open the notification center by clicking on the top-right of the menu bar – you can manage and customize widgets by using the ‘Edit’ button at the bottom of Notification center panel.

In this post, I’ve rounded up some of the best and most useful notification center apps out there for Mac OS X. Istatmini Istatmini is a useful piece of widget sits in the notification center, displaying percentage of CPU and memory has used, the amount of storage your data consumed, and network activity. At the price tag of $2.99, this notification center app offers enough information about your Mac’s performance. But if you are a power user and need a clear picture of how things are going on your Mac, you’d better go for Monity widget. Monity Monity is another useful system monitoring app, which helps you see some incredibly useful information about your Mac right within the Notification center. This widget ready system-monitoring tool can also be launched in standalone mode.

This notification center widget can provide several system information, including memory usage, system uptime, processes, temperature, network activity, battery usage, and much more. And of course, you can configure what categories should be in the widget and remove what’s not useful to you. Talking about price, it will set you back $4.99. MonthlyCal MonthlyCal is a beautiful and colorful monthly calendar widget that can be added in notification center. This handy widget comes with the price tag of $1. Even though OS X 10.10+ comes with a calendar widget, it isn’t much useful. The default calendar widget only displays events and appointments you have added for the current day.

What if you want to see all events and appointments you have added for the current month or coming months? Obviously, you would have to launch the calendar app for the same. But having this widget on your Mac’s notification center, you get a full calendar view of the current month, and let you browse added events and appointments without launching the calendar app. Swift Note Swift Note is another amazing notification center widget for OS X, which let you access and create quick notes on the fly.

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