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I'm very much a Mac newbie and could use a little assistance upgrading my girlfriend's G4 (dual 500MHz) to panther from 9.0.1 (I think) Sorry for the very basic questions, but she will kill me if I mess anything up. I understand that classic runs better if you upgrade to the latest version of OS 9 (9.2.2?) Should I do this before I install panther or after? Hot sale 2017 logitech z5 usb stereo speakers for mac.

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Where would be a good place to get an upgrade copy of OS 9? In the Windows world they usually suggest that you reformat before installing the OS.

Is this necessary on a Mac? How exactly does the 'Classic' environment work?

Oct 26, 2003  This can partially be delt with with Conflict Catcher Version 9, but I still ran into confusion and was much happier when I went to a separate partition. Also, Conflict Catcher version 9 costs money. I tried both ways so I. Conflict Catcher is a discontinued utility software application that was written by Jeff Robbin and published by Casady & Greene for classic Mac OS.It aided Macintosh users in solving operating system conflicts with extensions and control panels (see Extension conflict).

Conflict Catcher v8.0.9, a free update to Casady & Greene's popular utility, is now available and updated with Mac OS 9.2, sets, links and Clean-Install System Merge information as well as.


Do you have the option at startup to boot into OS 9, or is it an emulation that runs from within OS X? The majority of her time on the computer is probably going to be spent in Classic mode. We just don't have the money to upgrade all of her software at this time.

Is it still worth the upgrade? Will it make running her OS 9 programs a PITA.?

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Thanks for any and all help or advice. Originally posted by yellow All updates are free and downloadable (if you're in the U.S., I'm not sure if you're elsewhere) from Apple's Support site.

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You cannot skip from 9.0.x to 9.2.2 directly (with a CD installer you can) thru the downloads. Some of them are quite large, so if you don't have braodband, this could take a while. The first piece is 9.0.x -> 9.1, the second piece is 9.1 -> 9.2.1, and the third piece is 9.2.1 -> 9.2.2.

All of them can be found starting here: Note the Upgrade order. Click to expand.Quite the contrary, Classic runs just fine, and better under 10.3 than previous releases (the windows draw better when you drag stuff over them, I believe). The advantage of running things in Classic as opposed to natively is that when OS9 inevitably crashes, you can just restart classic instead of rebooting the whole computer, since X just keeps on truckin'.

Dwa131 driver for mac. Bare bones software bbedit. She can also use whatever OSX native software she wants, which will run vastly better than anything in classic--web browsers, for example (your choice of Safari, Camino, or a much newer version of Mozilla than Classic supports). Click to expand.It's similar to emulation--when you want, a virtual machine running classic boots essentially like a seperate application under OSX.

Other than that, Classic applications run like any other app (and exactly as they did if your machine is booting into classic natively). If Classic crashes (which can happen the same way it does if you're running 9 normally), only the classic virtual machine dies, which is essentially like having any other application in OSX crash--the rest of the OS and any apps running are left untouched. This is nice. Once you've got X installed, if she feels like it she can still boot into OS9 directly--just select it as the startup system in the Preference pane, or hold down Option when the computer starts booting (I think the option trick will work on a computer of that age). To switch back just repeat the process with the Startup Disk Control Panel. Click to expand.It's not really necessary, although if you've got a disk utility around it'd be a good idea to run a check first.

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A couple other tips: If she's almost always running at least one classic application, you can set OSX to start Classic at startup to save a bit of time when she launches her first Classic application (otherwise it'll load Classic, which takes about a minute, when she first launches a Classic application). That option is a System Preference. If you haven't already, dump a bunch of RAM in the computer if you can at all afford it--RAM is dirt cheap these days, and OSX loves it, particularly when running Classic. Lastly, her computer, being a dual processor, is going to love OSX--Classic barely makes use of the 2nd processor, while OSX does whenever it can. If she plays music in the background with OSX iTunes, it will have essentially zero effect on the performance of Classic, since the OS will divide the work between the two processors. One more thing: Tell her to prepare to reorganize a bit; she'll probably want to start storing all her files in her Home folder (make sure you throw it in the Dock), which takes some getting used to for a longtime Mac user, but if she sticks with it for a while she'll almost certainly love it after a while. More advise on OS 9 and Panther I'm not sure if this has been mentioned already, but I highly recommend a separate HD partition for a bootable version of OS 9.

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