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XTuple is an open source ERP and supply chain management solution. Developed with the collective efforts of tens of thousands of users worldwide, xTuple is generally used by service providers such as trade show management, telecommunications, wellness products providers and government computer networks. Download iac driver for mac XTuple is designed for companies which have outgrown spreadsheets and reached the full limit of Quickbooks or Sage, and who want to grow further without mass expenditure on software.

Compare xTuple Vs. Find The right. ERP Software for your Business - Get FREE Price Quotes! Human Resources Module. Inventory Management Module. Fully-integrated business management system, the core of the award winning xTuple ERP Suite. Built with the open source PostgreSQL database and the open source Qt framework.

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Users can fully automate certain business processes, such as taking orders, scheduling production, maintaining an inventory, maintaining records and making sure financial data is synchronized across the company. The software provides decision-makers with real-time information and reporting, providing enhanced visibility across the supply chain.

XTuple can assist with key compliance requirements, and additional CRM functionality helps manage leads, track customer buying habits and manage employees remotely. XTuple is a cloud based software that comes with a web portal.

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This can be an eCommerce store, a private resource center, a catalog of products amongst other options. The basic package will give you access to support, if you do not have your own software developers, with technical set up and configuration of the standard system. If you purchase the premium package you will get additional support hours that will help you customize the software. Software features • Billing • Business Intelligence/Analytics • CRM • Customer Service • Financials & Accounting • HR • Inventory Management • Order Management • Purchasing • Sales • Warehouse Management • Document Management.

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