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Option 1: Update drivers automatically. The Driver Update Utility for Compaq devices is intelligent software which automatically recognizes your computer’s operating system and Mouse / Keyboard model and finds the most up-to-date drivers for it. Device downloads. For software and drivers select your product from the list below. Wireless Mouse 2000. Manuals Limited Warranty. Product Guide. Mac OS 10.4.x-10.7 (32-bit and 64-bit) IntelliPoint 8.2. Windows 10 (32-bit only) Mouse and Keyboard Center 10. Ati rage mobility p m agp 2x a21 2 driver for mac sierra. In reply to: Compaq wireless optical mouse - needs installed every time I had similar problem with Compaq wireless mouse. Not sure if you use the same model but may be the same issue. Will Microsoft Mouse work good on macOS 10.13.4? See discussion Microsoft Mouse includes the drivers and software needed to fully use Microsoft's mice and trackballs on Mac OS X.

Download Wireless Drivers For Compaq

Thank you for responding, It's great to have you back;) Perhaps, you can tell me what your model name is? (, the titles). (Ensure you do not share any of your personal information such as serial, phone number, email ID, etc.). Also, most wireless mice come with a receiver, make sure yours is connected and also check with an alternate mouse to see if that works, to identify the issue.

Ge Wireless Mouse Drivers

That said if you have used the website with the model name and the alternate mouse works, yet the HP mouse doesn't work, I recommend you contact HP to have the mouse repaired or replaced: HP Technical Support can be reached by clicking on the following link: (1) Once the support page opens please select the country in which you're located. Next, enter your HP model number on the right. (2) Next, choose the 'Contact Support' tab at the top and scroll down to the bottom of the 'HP Support- Contact' page to fill out the form provided with your contact information. (3) Once completed click the 'Show Options' icon on the bottom right. (4) Lastly, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select 'Get the phone number.'

A case number and phone number will now populate for you. They will be happy to assist you immediately.

If the unit is under warranty repair services under the manufacturer's warranty will be free of charge. Itunes alternatives for mac If I have helped you resolve the issue, Feel free to give me a virtual high-five by clicking the 'Thumbs Up' icon Followed by clicking on 'Accepted as Solution' And Have a great day ahead! Hi Riddle_Decipher.

Microsoft Wireless Mouse Drivers


As mentioned in my original post, (Hello, I am trying to find a driver for an HP DU670A/DU9671A WIRELESS MOUSE ser# 040300817 but it shows no results on this site. Does anyone know where I can find one? Thank you.) I cannot find the driver on the HP site no matter what combination of model or serial numbers I enter yet I enter the model number in google and I can find the product.

I even check products no longer supported and HP doesn't even show wireless mice as an option. Thank you for responding, It's great to have you back;) The reason I asked for model name is because the number's you've mentioned looks like a product number, however, I wasn't able to get any information using it either, hence if you could look at the examples I've posted for you in the link from my previous reply and provide a model name, I would gladly help you out.

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