Colourpop Lady Is Supposed To Be A Dupe For Mac


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Welcome to our 'Search Dupes by Brand' page! Here, you can easily find dupes for your favorite products. How does it work, you ask? Products that are listed and clickable have been swatched and compared to other products (who knows, maybe there's even a dupe!).

MAC Retro Matte lip color in Oh, Lady ($20) compared to Nicolet Beauty lipstick in Perris ($12). MAC Retro Matte lip color in Oh, Lady ($20) compared to MAC lipstick in Rebel ($17). MAC Retro Matte lip color in Oh, Lady ($20) compared to Kleancolor Madly Matte liquid lipstick in Royal ($1.99). MAC Retro Matte lip color in Lady Be Good ($20) compared to MAC lipstick in Velvet Teddy ($17). MAC Retro Matte lip color in Lady Be Good ($20) compared to Ofra liquid lipstick in Bel Air ($14 with the code “DUPETHAT”). “Colourpop's Stingraye is a dupe for Jefree Star's Androgyny and Anastasia Beverly Hill's Veronica” Find this Pin and more on Makeup Looks by HoneyBun♡. Colourpop & ABH both cruelty free!

Colourpop Lady Is Supposed To Be A Dupe For Mac

• must be verified by a mod before posting. • Posts with will be removed. Violations of rules will result in your post being removed. Constructive criticism is allowed on all posts. /injured-since-seasonopener-recovery-ahead-of-schedule/. Helpful Guides for Navigating MUA • • • • • • • Tutorials and Shopping Guides • • • • Useful Links • • • • • Different mod team to reddit MUA. I posted a bunch of Colourpop lippie swatches (as well as some other brands) recently.

Here's the relevant picture: I do have more though, so let me know if any of the following capture your interest and I could swatch later tonight! Pencils: *Polite Society *JujuRouge *Bound *Westie *Lumiere *Tootsi *Punky *Bossy *Ellarie *Flawless *Bull Chic Lippie stix: *Polite Society *Juice Bar *Bound *Westie *Contempo *Lumiere *Tootsi *Brink *Bossy *Flawless *Tiger *Ultra mattes: *Lumiere 2 *Solow *Clueless *More Better *Mars *Creeper *Beeper *Tulle • • • •. Yeah I was very surprised about the orange-ness of Polite Society. The pencil is much closer to the color I thought it would be though, and I do quite like that one! As for Beeper - I think it could! It's one of those shades that really depends on undertone.

Referenced some photos of how lip colors (including Beeper) might react depending on if you're warm/cool.might be worth a glance to see if it's the kind of shade you'd like. Also might give you an idea? I just found it by googling 'Colourpop Beeper NC40'.:) • • • • •. Ha welcome to the Colourpop search insanity! Reviews do vary quite widely on the Colourpop Ultra Mattes, from essentially most-favorite to most-hated. I'm on the pro-side and do reach for them more than my other liquid lipsticks (maybe equally with the KVD), because I prioritize a liquid lipstick that is completely transfer-proof and lasts a long time, and I'm willing to experience some drying for those qualities. That said, I don't think they're similar at all to the NYX ones, at least in my experience.

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The NYX are more of a mousse (Colourpop is more straight liquid) and dry slower/transfer more throughout the day on me (Colourpop dries very quickly and doesn't budge at all after that). Colourpop is the thinnest, most liquid formula I own, but the colors are still opaque and it sticks on my lips the best/wears the least, so they're probably tied with KVD for my favorite liquid lipsticks. I would say if you're sensitive to a lip product being drying, these may not be your bag, but I think it's worth ordering 1 or 2 colors to try out in that formula to see. (If you are worried about drying and don't care about transfer, I'd recommend checking out the Ultra Satins. They're a no-go for me because of the transfer issue, but I hear they're really nice!) • • • • •.

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