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/hachiko-indonesian-subtitle-for-mac/. Chose your own template and design style. To find information, use the PowerPoint presentation above titled “Computer Notes” and perform internet research on the various topics listed below. 40+ Portfolio Design Ideas: Creating the Best Portfolio Design Patrick McNeil is a master of both web design and UX/UI principles. In this excerpt from the first section of The Web Designer’s Idea Book, Vol. 4, he showcases the most successful industry and design portfolio examples from a wide variety of agencies and graphic designers. In 2005, after a decade with the Corporation for National and Community Service in DC, I moved to California to attend design school in San Francisco. From 2007 to 2014 to I was a member of Booz Allen Hamilton's Digital Team.

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Cole Nussbaumer at wrote an interesting post last week about choosing between light and dark backgrounds for data visualizations. Though she cited Nancy Duarte’s book, Cole focused on backgrounds in specific data visualizations and not about backgrounds in presentation slides. So I want to expand on Cole’s post to talk about light versus dark backgrounds in presentation slides. As Cole points out, Duarte (and others) typically argue that in large rooms or dark rooms, presenters should use slides with a dark background color. Some others, by contrast, argue that presenters should use dark backgrounds because the presenter won’t have a shadow when walking in front of the screen–with TVs more often used as projectors these days, I think this is less of a concern. I find it interesting that authors who advise using dark backgrounds in dark rooms fail to explain why, other than their basic ‘feeling’ that the text is easier to see. My thought (which I’ve only discussed briefly with my optometrist) is that our pupils dilate in dark light and because we want the important information–namely text and images–to enter our audience’s eyes, it’s better to use light text and dark backgrounds in darkly-lit rooms.

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