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Share on Facebook Tweet this Share is one thing, but if you want to make an exact copy of your hard disk – operating system, software, and all of your files included – then you need to know how to clone a hard drive. Android studio for macbook. Not only is cloning a useful way to back everything up, but it’s also great for getting set up on a new hard drive without re-installing your operating system. No matter if you’re a Windows or Mac user, we’ve put together brief tutorials that’ll help you get through the cloning process. Because it’s by far the most popular and widely-used operating system, we’ll start with Windows.

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Mac users can scroll down to find the OS X tutorial. Cisco vpn client 5 download. Oh, and just to be totally clear on the terminology used in these guides, your “source drive” is the drive you want to make a copy of. Your “destination drive” is the drive you want to copy everything onto.

Cole Backing For Macgrath

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Windows There are a handful of good cloning programs out there for various flavors of Windows, but our favorite – simply for its extremely straightforward interface – is Macrium Reflect. Here’s how to clone a drive with it: Step 1:. Steren serial usb driver for mac. It’s available in free and paid editions, but the free version should satisfy the needs of most users.

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Step 2: Attach the destination drive to your computer. This disk needs to have more space than the source drive. If it doesn’t, it won’t be able to store the clone. Step 3: Open Macrium Reflect. You’ll see a screen that looks something like this: Step 4: Select the the disk that you’d like to clone by clicking on it and then click the “Clone this disk” button in the middle of the window. Step 5: A new window will appear which will prompt you to choose the destination drive. Click the “Select disk to restore to” link to get a drop down list of available drives.

Step 6: Select your destination drive from the list. If your destination drive is smaller than the source drive, then it won’t appear. Step 7: From the source drive on the top, drag and drop the drive or partitions you’d like to clone into the destination drive below. Click Next to continue. Step 8: A window will pop up with a preview of what you’re about to clone. If everything looks correct, go ahead.

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