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1.11.5 / November 29, 2017; 10 months ago ( 2017-11-29),,,, Available in, and 2.1, since Jan 2016 Website Clozure CL ( CCL) is a implementation. It implements the full ANSI Common Lisp standard with several extensions (, threads, CLOS conditions, CLOS streams.). It contains a command line development environment, an experimental integrated development environment (IDE) for Mac OS X using the editor, and can also be used with (a Common Lisp development environment for ).

Clozure CL is and the project is hosted by Clozure Associates. Contents • • • • • • Supported platforms [ ] Clozure CL supports the,,, and platforms. There are 32 and 64 bit variants for each. Additionally, there are ports for Mac OS X and Linux, and a 32-bit port for Linux. Applications [ ] Clozure CL was used by for the business logic of a new. Clozure CL is also commonly used as an underlying Common Lisp implementation for the ACL2 theorem prover.

I want to run a CCL REPL from a command line. What should I do to prevent CCL from starting that GUI thing (the menu and the listener window)? For ease-of-installation and integration with macOS, nothing beats Clozure CL. Just get it from the App Store and you'll have a complete lisp environment and IDE.

History [ ] Formerly known as OpenMCL, Clozure CL is an evolution of. Technology [ ] CCL contains a precise, generational, compacting garbage collector. CCL's compiler produces native instructions for Lisp expressions and files.

By default every expression entered at the is compiled to native code. Lisp threads are implemented as preemptively-scheduled, native operating-system threads. CCL implements built-in facilities to easily interface with C and Objective-C libraries (Cocoa bridge) and these are used to implement the IDE amongst other things. The (based upon the ) is currently labelled as experimental.

An effort [ ] is underway to improve this. References [ ].

For comparisons, see: Agreed with the others: yes, use SBCL or CCL. CCL makes it easier to invoke ObjC libraries, such as for writing native Mac Apps. That becomes the tie-breaker for some.

Entry 16 by av99n for design bookkeeping logo for mac (Personally, I've enjoyed using both but tend to stay current on SBCL as my main compiler for server software.) For completeness: CCL is Clozure CL (not to be confused with one spelled using 'j' in middle, which is another dialect than Common Lisp). SBCL compiles to faster code, and CCL has shorter compile times.

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Both are solid compilers. Aaa methods for mac_methods local. For targeting iOS/iPhone/iPad, there's been some success with ECL. See: But I wouldn't consider this a front-runner and haven't actually used it myself yet beyond samples posted on that blog. Although MacOSX thread support is considered experimental with SBCL and self tests will fail if you compile from sources (which is required to enable threads), threads work well enough for most cases.

I've deployed heavily threaded production code by developing on MacOSX then releasing to servers running FreeBSD (which also has similar issues with threads) and Debian/Ubuntu Linux (very stable). This has served me well for the past 5-6 years, including at a few start-ups. QuickLisp (for obtaining libraries) is very stable on SBCL/MacOSX. Haven't tried it on CCL but should be rock solid there too!

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