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One of the most common mistakes I see among new Mac users is fumbling with how to install new software. The process for installing new applications on your Mac can be confusing at first because it differs greatly from Windows’ software installation process. Nevertheless, the Mac method of installing software is actually quite simple and intuitive once you are accustomed to it. If your desktop is littered with DMG files and white “drive”-looking icons, read on! Contents • • • • • What are.DMG Files? Screenshot of a Mac OS X desktop with a mounted DMG file’s icon. DMG stands for Disk Image, and is a format commonly used to distribute files and applications among Apple computers. Easeus data recovery crack for mac.

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Wm for mac. Now I have a machine that not only starts up and is ready to use in 20 seconds but also 'just works' and looks real handsome. Like you, I have also abandoned the Microsoft Beige box and joined the Mac Brigade. Windows Mobile, meet Mac OS X The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile lets you easily connect and synchronize Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PCs with your Mac. I was fed up with waitng for the kettle to boil - sorry, waiting for Windows to get to a usable state and all the patches and updates etc etc.

A DMG file is like a virtual DVD or hard drive. They can be “mounted” on your Mac in order to work with their contents, or even burned to an actual physical disc. In order to understand the concept of a DMG disk image, think of a storage volume such as a CD, DVD, hard drive, or external drive. A DMG file is like one of these devices in that it serves as a means to encapsulate documents, images, software, and other files. The difference is that with a DMG, there is no physical storage medium. There is only the DMG file, which can be written to a hard drive, burned to a CD or DVD, or sent over the Internet.

In order to work with the contents of a DMG file, you must mount the the disk image to your system. This may sound daunting, however “mounting” a DMG file with Mac OS X is no more complicated than double-clicking it’ icon. The operating system will load the load image and place a new icon both on your desktop, and in the sidebar of the Finder.

The icon will have the same name as the DMG, and you’ll be able to browse through its contents like any other folder. Once you are done working with the contents of the file, you will want to remove or “unmount” it from your system.

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Do this by opening the Finder and clicking the eject icon next to the virtual drive’s icon. Or, go to the Desktop, click once on the icon, and press CMD+E. Installation Process Software installation with Mac OS X is very different than in the Windows world. On a Windows PC you run an installer, tick off a few checkboxes, and wait for the progress meter to reach completion. There usually is no such “installation wizard” on a Mac &emdash; you simply drag and drop the program into your computer’s “Applications” directory. The trick is that most Mac applications are distributed as images called DMG files, and many new Mac users end up running applications directly from the image instead of installing them to the “Applications” directory.

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