Cisdem Appcrypt 3 For Mac


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Age of empires 3 for mac

Autodesk revit. You can get too wound up about security on your Mac, but then you can also be too relaxed about it. While you know not to leave anything open when you've used a public Mac in a hotel, few of us think about locking up our own computers when we step away from them. Aims to let you go for a coffee break without worrying that your colleagues are reading your novel in Word. AppCrypt works app-by-app: in theory, you've protected the use of your whole Mac by an OS X password, now you can say that particular apps need more.

Say you don't want anyone messing up your Chess high score, you don't want your kids using a web browser after 8pm, or you don't want anyone taking a swift look at your company spreadsheets in Excel. You can't stop them copying the files -- if they can get onto your Mac and can find them -- but you can use this Cisdem AppCrypt 3.0.0 to prevent snooping or people launching Excel to see your Recent Items.

Cisdem AppCrypt is designed to protect any app on your Mac. It works by simply setting a password and adding the apps to a lock list, which no one can access without the correct password. Cisdem AppCrypt has a stack of security laden features, but one worth noting is the failed security attempt tracking system. Cisdem AppCrypt is designed for protecting your apps and block websites to make sure you are the only master. It is quite easy to use. Just simply setting a password and adding the apps and websites to the lock list and no one is able to access your protected apps and websites without the correct password. Cisdem AppCrypt is an uncomplicated macOS utility that offers you the possibility to block the access to certain apps installed on your computer. Cisdem AppCrypt might prove to be a useful tool if you share your Mac with other users, and you want to make sure nobody messes up the settings of specific apps.

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