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AutoCAD Fundamentals 1-35 Using the Circle Command 1. Select the [Circle] [Center, Diameter] option as shown. Select the same location for the arc center as the center point for the new circle. In the command prompt area, the message “Specify diameter of circle:” is displayed. Specify diameter of circle: 1.25 [ENTER] 4. Jan 11, 2009  Plus, if I hit enter when the default is there it says, bad argument, numerp nil. Start the CIRCLE command and add a circle that has a center point at 7,6 with a radius of.75 (Watch the command line for instructions). The last thing to draw is the arc (curved line) that you see in the bottom left square. Center Point. Draws a circle based on a center point and a diameter or a radius. Best video downloading app for iphone. /aesthetic-wallpapers-for-mac/. Radius Defines the radius of the circle. Enter a value, or specify a point.

Just out of curiosity, what was or is the command for, was it due to the lack of processing power? Yes it was I remember my first compaq, 50mhz 486, 200mb hd, 8mb ram and 2mb video card and I was the envy of my schoolmates. One more question, couldn't it be taken away now? I think so but there are still so many legacy things in AutoCAD in their software and the way the users work that I still wonder how people can be productive using it.

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Up until ACAD 2004 there was a bug that if you used the fillet (used like the intersect command in AC) command it will always was set to create a 1/2' circle at the intersection, so you were drawing along and things that should measure 10' were actually 9'-11.5' and all snap points were gone to hell. The other one they have not fixed even with the 2005 Version is that when you start a drawing even though you specify Imperial Units ACAD does not recognizes them and it starts in decimal mode.

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