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CineForm has just released a public Beta of Neo Scene for Mac! Neo Scene Mac supports conversion of AVCHD, HDV, and Canon 5D Mk II files to CineForm files for editing in Final Cut Pro and iMovie. Neo Scene Mac also supports ProRes as an optional output format. Two additional features of note 1) Neo Scene Mac offers telecine removal - that is, extraction source material into 24p CineForm (or ProRes) files whether or not you shot your camera in 24p mode or in 60i mode; and 2) deinterlacing - that is, conversion of 60i (50i) into 30p (25p).

With the cineform codecs installed you should be able to use lightworks to playback and edit cineform encoded files. But you'll need neoscene or neo to actually encode raw footage in the first place to cineform. CineForm NeoScene With Neo Scene you will convert your difficult-to-edit HDV, AVCHD, DSLR camera. $129 DOWNLOAD; GoPro CineForm Studio Professional GoPro Cineform Studio Professional is a professional 3D editing application for. $999 DOWNLOAD. Now that Cineform is owned by Go-pro, they have decided, in their wisdom, to release the 'Studio' version of their software for free. Now I'm not a 'Go Pro' user - nor do I have any particular interest in the '3D' aspect of this product. But what is does include is the Cineform HD codec --which I. 5dM2 + Premiere Pro CS4 + Cineform/NeoScene + Mac My issues are with HD footage from the 5dM2 and getting it to work with Premiere Pro CS4 (aka PrProCS4), on the Mac. /how-to-i-open-a-shared-calendar-with-outlook-for-mac/. The GoPro CineForm codec is a cross-platform intermediate codec designed for editing high-resolution footage. An intermediate codec can be best described as a video encoding format designed for professional video editing.

Neo Scene Product Page (Mac and Win): Download Trial. So David, to clarify, 24p from 30p in 60i works well, but 24p from 30p (as in from the 5D MarkII) is not recommended?

Cineform neoscene for mac os

So if I shoot 60i onto an HDV tape, then capture it, I can get 30p or 24p pretty well. Or, if I shoot 24p in 60i, then capture it, the codec will pull out the pulldown, leaving the 24p.? Also, NeoScene will not re-wrap from AVI to MOV, correct? For example, I have a bunch of M2T files captured in Vegas. Now I'm working in FCS2. NeoScene would not be able to ingest those M2T files and output Cineform or ProResHQ.MOV files, right? Would NeoHD do that, or would I first have to wrap then in AVI, then NeoHD could re-wrap them to MOV.?

'24p from 30p in 60i work well' -- No, I'm don't even sure I understand what you are getting at. 30p to 24p so hard to do well, it is simply not advisable to shoot 30p for 24p projects. 60i to 24 is a little easier, although we only do a process that strives for effeciency, more quality for 60i to 24p can be achieved will a lot more procesing time. Removing pulldown is something we do very well, with no quality implications, and we are the fastest. Neo Scene will not re-wrap, re-size, re-sample, all the things than NEO HD does.

Vegas sourced M2T files don't load well into the Mac, so might need NEO HD to handle the conversions. Neo Scene is targetting consumers, what you need is not a consumer operation. The 30p to 24p conversion it does well is for material that is recorded as '24p in 60i'. Camtasia for mac trial. 60i material has half the lines of a frame 60 times a second, or a whole frame 30 times a second. You get 10 fields or 5 frames in 1/6 of a second. 24p has 4 frames in 1/6 of a second.

When a camera records 24p in 60i (30p) it divides the 4 frames of the 24p recording over the 10 fields of 60i by duplicating fields in an attempt to make it look smooth. The pulldown removal in NeoScene recognizes the pattern used by the camera and reverses the process to get the original 24p source material. With the Canon 5D it records 30 unique images per second. If you do a 24p conversion on the real 30p source, you loose some half fields and movement ends up looking odd, but it is 24p. Sorry for the typo. It doesn't do 30p to 24p well, no one does.

It is not advised. I've seen it done quite well, but it is expensive. It actually interpolates objects in the image. My plan is to do everything in 30fps (I have to with my 5D2) and then only go to 24p if it needs to be shown in film. Converting to film is expensive anyway.

/profit-and-loss-spreadsheet-software-for-mac/. I noticed you said you cannot rewrap AVI to/from MOV. That seems silly since it is such a trivial operation. You need to rewrite 'For all conversions optionally convert your source material to 24 / 25 progressive frames for a professional cinema look' to exclude the 5D2.

I've been surfing this forum, and many others looking for some answers, and have finally been able to get some clarity, and wanted to share this. My issues are with HD footage from the 5dM2 and getting it to work with Premiere Pro CS4 (aka PrProCS4), on the Mac. Native AVCHD footage from the 5dM2 does not work in PrProCS4 (and is also just not suited for NLE systems in general) 2. It requires some kind of transcoding - enter Cineform's NeoScene. The NeoScene application does allow me to transcode my native files into the Cineform codec. Pinnacle 8241 driver for mac.

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