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I am encountering the following problem on CIFS shares on FreeNAS ACLs are being set to give the file owner read and write access, but the group access to read-only when files are saved on CIFS shares through Microsoft Excel. If files are saved locally and copied to the CIFS share, then no ACLs are set. Current workaround: • On file shares where everyone has read and write access, I am using the samba flag 'force user = x'. This is undesirable.

I am facing a strange problem with a few Excel files opened vis CIFS on an HP-UX server with HP-UX 11.31, Samba/CIFS version A.03.01.05. On july, 25, in the morning, the same user tried to open at least 4 different Excel files (.xlsx files, in Excel 2007 format) hosted in at least 2 different Samba. Typically, the speed is fine via the command line, indicating that macOS and CIFS are performing properly, despite Finder being unacceptably slow. Cause.DS_store files. Macs create and store a hidden file in each sub-directory they access, and each user who accesses the directory via a mac updates these files.

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Cloudberry lab for mac. • The file owner on windows clients can manually fix the ACLs through his/her workstation. This is a hassle Ideal solution:(please let me know if you know how to do this) • I want ACLs to not be set on files when they are saved in Office. Possible workarounds that I may look into:(tell me if these are dead-ends or not possible) • Define a default ACL policy on a share-by-share basis (not sure if this is possible in samba) • Create a cron job that recursively deletes ACLs. (This would work in our current use-case, but I do not have experience working with ACLs so I am not sure what command to input and I am not sure how much load this would put on the server). Additional Background Information • Clients are Windows XP and Windows 7 (hopefully all Windows 7 in a week) with Office 2007.

• At present the FreeNAS appliance is not joined to our AD domain (but workstations are domain members). Authentication is against users / groups on the FreeNAS device.

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• Shares are 'windows / mac shares' with 'Windows ACLs' • I have tried setting share type to 'Unix Share'. Excel still set ACLs, but said ACLs were no longer editable by the Windows client workstations. Any pointers would be much appreciated. Let me know if you want to look over the SMB.conf or any other files I should upload. I don't have any answers for your problem, but I found the fact you ran into this interesting.

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Where I work, we have several QNAP NAS units in use, and were just struggling with pretty much the same issue with those. Users saving Excel documents from their PC workstations directly to SMB shares on the NAS were having problems where nobody else had permission to make changes to the saved documents afterwards. We assume this is really a Microsoft bug in Office and how it saves its documents? But regardless, a work-around at the NAS level sure would be nice!

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