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Christos Matskas on Visual Studio for Mac How to hide the Visual Studio Debugging Toolbar Passing Parameters into a T4 Template Integrating VSTS, Azure Web Apps, Visual Studio, and ASP.NET Configuring Automatic Deployment from VSTS to an Azure Web App. //christos.matskas - Seattle @ChristosMatskas. Product Marketing Manager @ Microsoft working on cool things. Link A new version for Visual Studio for Mac is out today.

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By default, when I create and launch a UWP app in Visual Studio, a debugging toolbar displays, as shown in Fig. 1 This can be useful during development, but it also can get in the way. Aomei backupper alternatives for mac. It hides elements on my form and it does not look good during a demo. Suppressing this toolbar is simple, but it took me some time to find it.

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From the Visual Studio menu, select Tools Options, as shown in Fig. 2 The Options dialog displays. Expand the 'Debugging' section on the left and select 'General', as shown in Fig. 3 Within the Debugging / General section, clear the checkbox next to 'Show runtime tools in application' Click the [OK] button to apply these changes. The toolbar will not display when you run your project from Visual Studio. To re-enable this toolbar, open the Options dialog and check the checkbox and click [OK]. Var tt = new myT4Template(); string outputText = tt.TransformText(); But sometimes, it is helpful to pass parameters from your C# code and use them in your template.

Computer baseball games for mac. The steps to do this are: Add a T4 Runtime Text Template to your Visual Studio project In the T4 template: • Add one or more parameter directives • Use the parameters in your template In your C# code • Instantiate your T4 template object • Set the Session property to a new Dictionary • Pass the parameters in the Session object • Initialize the T4 template object • Generate the output text with the T4 template object's TransformText() method. An example will help illustrate this. I have a T4 Runtime Text Template named '' and I want to add 2 parameters: firstName and lastName (both strings) and use them in my template. Free download for mac games. At the top of the template file, add the following directive.

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