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Whatsapp Online Chat

If you want to download WhatsApp on PC, then you’ll love this post. It’s been just 3 years since the WhatsApp launched and it already has more than 700 million users. The users have been demanding the desktop version of WhatsApp for quite some time, and finally you can officially (launched on 21 st January 2015) download WhatsApp for PC. WhatsApp is not only the no. #1 Instant Cha Messaging App, it is but also an app with which our daily lives have been integrated with. It is one of the most loved applications of this decade for sure, and that’s why the craze for having a WhatsApp for PC version is so damn high all the time. Note: There are 3 different methods to download Whatsapp for PC.

First, Using Bluestacks. Second is using another android emulator YouWave and Third is using official website WhatsApp at a Glance I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that you love Whatsapp.

It’s not improbable; 700 million people use it! No other app has taken over the people like Whatsapp.

Even Facebook took 12 years to get a tag of a moderately essential website. Whatsapp has achieved a greater feat in 3 years! Readmoo mac readmoo for mac. And who can blame the users? The app is, even if guessing conservatively, the easiest to use. It syncs seamlessly with any smartphone Operating System, even obscure ones like Tile or Symbian.

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It doesn’t cost a fortune. And chances are, the person you want to talk to already has Whatsapp enabled on their phone. An easy gauge of the popularity of Whatsapp is the fact that Facebook purchased this giant for 19 billion US dollars!


New features keep rolling out too, with Whatsapp calls that are placed over the internet and not your SIM card’s balance being the latest. The emojis got an upgrade recently too; they’re now more racially diverse, to be inclusive of more people and more expressive than many other emoji keyboards. The app is so much popular that users were demanding for a WhatsApp for PC version for many months, and finally in 2015 the developers have released a PC client of this app named as WhatsApp Web. Whatsapp Features: Whatsapp has a long list of features. They are best enlisted, because writing on them individually can make for a very long article. • Whatsapp doesn’t bug you with ads. • Since Whatsapp works through your mobile phone number, you need not remember complex usernames and passwords, which is a blessing if all the easy usernames are taken.

No more Garg_Rahul_3372, your unique phone number is all you need. • Your 2G internet is all it’ll ever need to run Whatsapp! Though 3G is a quick alternative when your friend sends you an 11 MB video, 2G is fast enough to load bundles over bundles of texts from friends and group conversations. • You can send all sorts of information, apart from texts and media.

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