Changing The Language Of Rhino From Chinese To English


Next, under the Rhino Options > Appearance, change the Language used for display. Note: If the dropdown list only includes one option (language) available, you may want to add a Rhino additional display language following these instructions. Best Answer: This may be tough, but if you can open Control Panel, double click Regional and Language settings. Click on Languages tab, this will be the center tab, then click on the Details button.

Hello, I'm new here and I'm trying to learn Rhino 5 with the demo, on my French x64 Windows system. Since I don't find the official first step official tutorial 'Rhino Level 1 v5' in French tongue nor any video French tutorial to begin with a strong and good path, I would like to switch my interface in English to fit this first steps official tutorial and also all English tuts I will find on the internet. But alas when I go under Tools + Options + Apparence + Working Language I have only 'French', say: no choice! While it is difficult enough to learn many news concepts, I would like to ease a bit my work setting an English interface to fit all the help I can find here and there, so how can I do this please, how can I set the Rhino3D v5 Interface in English? Thanks a lot for your time trying to help me, Best Regards, Guy Tags.

Hi, Update: the rapid solution I found is of course to un-install fr-FR version and re-install th en-US one. Even if it was a bit time consuming, this seems to work at least to learn. But I have to tell you there is now a very strange behavior: the whole interface is in English, but some words remains in French, say the views words 'Dessus; Perspective; Face; Droite' instead of 'Top; Perspective; Front; Right'.!?

You can take a look at this: BTW: learning then working with English Rhino version seems to be the good solution since in the French one even the command line is in French, so 2 times learning the same things does not seem the most efficient learning curve. • Reply by on April 7, 2013 at 1:27am. Unfortunately, the eval versions are single-language, whereas the commercial/edu versions are multilanguage - you can have multiple languages installed at once. I'm not sure if you do two successive installations of the Rhino eval with two different languages - without uninstalling in between - if you can have both languages running at once. What you're seeing with the French 'leftovers' looks like it might be a bit of an install bug - but one that should be fixable. If it's just the viewport titles that are in French, you probably have the French default templates that got stuck.

For the view names are not actually part of the main language of Rhino, they belong to the individual file. So it's totally normal to open a file that was created in a French version of Rhino - even if your Rhino is in English - and have the view titles in French. So, the question is, when you open a new blank document - what does Rhino offer you in terms of templates? Are they in French or English (I assume French.)? The templates are stored in: C: Users AppData Roaming McNeel Rhinoceros 5.0 Localization In there you should see at least one folder - hopefully two.

French templates will be stored in a folder labeled fr-FR and English templates will be stored in a folder labeled en-US. If you only have the FR folder, there will be more to do, but hopefully the English eval installed the en-US as well. If you do have that folder and inside that you find another folder called Template Files and inside that are some English template files, you are in luck. From inside Rhino, go to Options>Files and look at the top section 'Template files'. There are two boxes, one says 'Location' and the other says 'Default'.

In the location box, browse to the en-US Template Files folder and hit OK. In the default box, browse to the same location and choose a default template and OK.

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Then OK out of Options, close Rhino and re-open. Do you now get an English default template with English view titles?

If you hit New(file), do you get a choice of English templates? Hopefully yes to both. If you do not have a en-US folder installed where I indicated, then let me know. ----H • Reply by on April 7, 2013 at 3:03am. Hi Helvetosaur, Thanks for the reply, you are right. Amazon


Alas both demo versions can't be installed aside, so I chose the English one of course, but no matter because for my learning I need English only, so. Thank you very much for your confirmation!:-) BTW I wonder if it could be more needed and efficient stopping to do so many native tongue translations for Rhino3D interface other than the original English one (already become the 'Esperanto' in fact for navy, planes, and computer world!) and instead of this waste of time and money just it could be a good idea putting these translations ressources within translated tutoriels (based always on this unique English interface). Do you understand what I mean? The best, Guy • Reply by on April 7, 2013 at 3:22am.

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