Canyon Capers For Mac


About This Game Do you have fond memories of playing old style platform games, where you didn't have to learn a hundred button combos to play it successfully? Canyon Capers is just for you if that's the case.

Canyon Capers is a retro style arcade platform game for all ages, created by the authors of the 1992 original. Starring DinoJr and his many friends as they venture through the canyons and caverns of ancient ruins in historical locations, to reach the ultimate goal, retrieval of the Golden Mollusk, source of all universal power and a mighty fine trophy at that. With a finely tuned difficulty curve, from nice and easy, all the way to rock hard, just like old school platforming used to be. Canyon Capers will make you rely on your wits, your memory and at times, seat of the pants twitch gaming. • Simple to play, hard to master classic retro platform gaming • Full steam support. Achievements, stats, leaderboards, and cloud support • Trading cards, emotes, backgrounds and badges to earn • 50 levels each with 3 levels of completion, each with many ways to complete. Find your best path to fame and riches • Race to the end, collect all the items and unlock the unique bomb levels • Unlock new characters, each with their own unique abilities as you complete canyons and worlds • Tongue in cheek nods to your favorite classic retro games • Tons of secrets and collectibles.

Canyon Capers For Mac And Cheese

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. 50 Games like Canyon Capers for PC Windows, daily generated comparing over 40 000 video games across all platforms. This list includes Super Mustache, Home Sheep Home 2, Potatoman Seeks the Troof, HoPiKo and 46 more. Metacritic Game Reviews, Canyon Capers for PC, Canyon Capers is a retro style platform game brought right up to date, with tons of levels, modes, collectables and secrets. 100 point score based on reviews from various critics. View reviews add review].


This game is nowhere near as bad as the majority of reviews on here make it out to be, and I feel like some of the negativity is coming from This game is nowhere near as bad as the majority of reviews on here make it out to be, and I feel like some of the negativity is coming from people who simply just don't like this type of game. Call it lazy, call is uninspired, but a lot of people grew up on games like this one, and sometimes it's just nice to play something that doesn't have you wanting to tear your hair out every ten minutes. Does that mean this game is great? But it's really not that bad. As casual as games come, 'Canyon Capers' is a simple 2D side-scrolling item collecting game, and not a tough as nails super precise platformer. Which I'm sure some people thought that it might be before purchasing it, or deciding to get it in a bundle. Sure it doesn't have the best sound effects, or music, or level design, or art style, or anything really.

Arturia storm 3.0 for mac But you know what? I've played a ton of games that were much worse than this one, and at least 'Canyon Capers' does what it sets out to do; give players the ability to collect coins, fruits, and gems! Sure, this game is extremely basic, as is the level design and overall challenge, but that's kind of what these games are all about.

So if you're in the mood to just relax and waste a few minutes, then this game can be an enjoyable experience. Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure that this game is for children, ya know, kids. But I suppose all of you people who gave this game a negative review hate on 'Reader Rabbit' too, or maybe you thought the movie 'Muppets in Space' was too 'juvenile'; well to hell with all of you I say! Now everyone; into the canyon!

This game is just awful. It was marketed as being 'retro', but it really doesn't capture the retro feel at all. Just because the art style is This game is just awful. It was marketed as being 'retro', but it really doesn't capture the retro feel at all.

Canyon Capers For Mac

Just because the art style is all pixelated does not make it retro or classic. The gameplay consists of monotonously going through levels where you pick up all the jewels in the level and get to the exit. The level designs aren't unique or clever in any way.

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Just a bunch of platforms with jewels scattered around and some enemies you can jump on (which also respawn in a few minutes). The only controls you have are move left and right and jump. They don't even do a good job with these, as the controls just feel slow. The game feels very childish, like something you would find on a kids' flash games site. The bottom line is that this game has nothing unique to offer and it is boring and un-fun to play.

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