Can We Please Get Dynamic Shadows For Mac


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There are a lot of questions and not a lot of concrete answers swirling around about dynamic lighting on mobile. Here's how we got it to work in Mega Blast: 1) Anything that receives or casts shadows must use the Default Lit material shading model* 2) In World Settings, under Rendering, make sure that Allow Static Lighting = TRUE. I'm not too familiar with that Android side of things (we are primarily focused on iOS), but this generally is to be expected. I found that it didn't really matter how many objects were on screen or how complex they were, but how much screen space they took up. If you zoom out so that the cubes are very small on-screen, do you see an fps increase? We get great performance on metal-enabled devices, and comparing the Nexus 5 to the iPhone 6, there is a big difference in capability: My hunch is that you should be able to add more objects to the scene without much of an fps decrease - the biggest hit is from using dynamic lighting at all.

5.HOW TO FIX THE SHADOW STRIPING OUTDOORS (On rocks, ground, grass, trees and objects) -The 'outdoors' striping problem is controlled by the fShadowBiasScale setting in the SkyrimPref.ini file. The lower the value i.e. 0.1000 will cause more striping.

Thanks for this very helpful! One thing I'd like to add is that having the Skylight set to 'static' prevents it from making any difference in my game at all - not sure if that's just something I've messed up in my project, or is it to do with cubemaps? I don't use them. As such, changing skylight mobility to 'stationary' and checking 'force no pre-computed lighting' in world settings gives me nice lighting and prevents the need for lightmaps. Of course if you want any static lighting at all you need to keep that unchecked. Photo edit for mac. @Doug - have you made sure to set Allow Static Lighting = TRUE and that you have at least one object that can receive lightmaps in your scene when you build lighting? You'll need to turn OFF 'force no pre-computed lighting' with this method, so that indirect lighting can be built, which will make sure that dynamic shadows are not pure black.

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Out of curiosity, are you able to achieve non-black shadows on iOS by setting the Skylight to Stationary? We were only able to achieve non-black shadows on iOS by building static lighting. I do get non-black shadows on my 5S with a stationary skylight and no precomputed lighting - then again I'm only using solid colours in my game (no textures) so it's possible the skylight just lightens them! Since I first tried a skylight many versions ago I have only been able to get it to actually affect the world properly by setting it to stationary - I imagine I'm doing something wrong, but basically any surface that is not in line of sight with my directional light is very dark with the skylight set to static. Even when I was using static baked lighting this was the case. I've tried your plane method whilst allowing precomputed lighting + static lighting in the directional light (with a lightmap on the plane) yet all my shadows stay pure black. Edit: I notice that deleting the default skybox gives me black shadows.

Perhaps this is a factor?

Can We Please Get Dynamic Shadows For Mac

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