Calling All Writers Literature Latte Launches Scrivener 3 For Mac


Scrivener is the go-to app for writers of all kinds, used every day by best-selling novelists, screenwriters, non-fiction writers, students, academics, lawyers, journalists, translators and more. Scrivener won't tell you how to write—it simply provides everything you need to start writing and keep writing. TRURO, England, Nov. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Literature & Latte Ltd, creators of Scrivener, announce the launch of Scrivener 3 for Mac. Scrivener is the go-to app for writers of all kinds,.

More full disclosure—I regularly maintain a post on this site. It contains coupons ranging from 20-25% off of Scrivener and sometimes more.​ For Scrivener's birthday, Literature and Latte even ran a 40% off discount on the retail price of Scrivener, so check that post if you like to save a buck like I do.​ There I said it. Now, let me tell you why, especially if you're a MAC bigot like me, you'll love Scrivener for MAC OS X.

You Will Love Scrivener for MAC First, the software was designed and tailored for MAC platform users. Scrivener is a native Mac application designed by the Mac-lovers at and, according to L&L built using Apple’s Cocoa frameworks.

Writers of all kinds, creeds, habits, and quirks use Scrivener. According to L&L, it's used by Novelists, short story writers, screenwriters, playwrights, comedians, lawyers, academics and students alike. The list of ways you could use Scrivener to write are probably endless. And since it was designed for the MAC platform, the Scrivener MAC version has some sweet features that the Scrivener for Windows version, sadly, is missing​.

I know the folks at L&L are working to catch the Windows version up, but that's another post. Top 3 alternatives to zombie tsunami for mac. This post barely scratches the surface of all of the awesomeness in the MAC version of Scrivener.

Scrivener for MAC is a One-stop Writer's Workbench Most of us authors are more than just writers. We research, make notes, outline, rearrange and edit text, documents, chapters, sections, and multiple books in a series. Maintaining all of that information, I can tell you first hand, is seriously challenging. I like to call Scrivener for MAC an author's workbench in a box. I use Scrivener for MAC OS X to: • Gather, store and organize research • Outline chapters, sections and multiple books in a non-fiction series • Outline, plot, and create the four part story structure for my novels • Write uninterrupted in Scrivener for Mac's full-screen writing focus mode • Drag and drop documents, scenes, chapters, sections and even entire books to rearrange ideas and events in the binder (Outline section) • I even share my Scrivener files with co-authors, editors, and reviewers in Dropbox • And so many other indispensable features I can't list them all. Also, don't forget that you can download to some for your scrivener program which really helps out a lot when getting organized and ready to write. Scrivener for MAC is Great for Organizing and Research As both a fiction and non-fiction author, I love having all of my research, notes, and inspiration right next to where I'm writing my book or novel.


From my entire outline, including chapters that I can drag to rearrange in the binder, to storing book cover images, character inspiration images, and research documents in folders outside of published book's folder, the Scrivener for MAC's binder is insanely useful as an organization and brainstorming tool​. If I want a new chapter, I simply create a new folder. A new scene in a novel, I create a new document. An entire new book in the series is as easy as creating a new top-level folder in the binder. Disque dur externe western digital 2,5 3to my passport for mac. In fact, I've created a four part story structure template for myself that I simply duplicate in the binder at the beginning of any ​new novel project. That alone saves tons of time.

Scrivener for MAC Makes Writing a Breeze Let's be honest, you can write in any text editing program. Digimore bluetooth keyboard for mac What you can't do with those is skip all of the steps of copying, pasting, editing, and compiling to the many formats that ebook publishers require. ​Inside Scrivener I can write on one scene at a time in Scrivenings mode or I can work on an entire chapter by selecting them on in the binder. In full-screen mode I can write for hours uninterrupted by social media distractions. And all of that work is already in my self-publishing tool, ready for me to edit, compile and publish it, ready to go.​. Scrivener for MAC Will Save Your Ass Let's be honest, how many of us authors have a foolproof system set up to make sure that we never lose any of our hard written words? Even as a 20 year IT veteran, I've been bitten by this one.

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