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For example, Callaway fans have a lot of nice drivers to choose between, from the Callaway X-Hot drivers to the Big Berthas and the Razr Series. Choosing a new Callaway driver can be tricky, but if you can look at several popular models side-by-side, sometimes the best Callaway driver is apparent.

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History I must admit, when I was first asked to review this driver, I was very excited. I had heard about the new from advertisements and in golf magazines.

I am an avid Callaway driver user; I have the 2011 Callaway RAZR Hawk and the Callaway Diablo Edge Tour driver as well. The RAZR X Black is this season’s new hot club following in the footsteps of this years RAZR FIT driver. At my local golf store this club is on the shelf, but there are not very many on display because it is selling quite well. Callaway has gone through a bit of a lull but I think with the latest line of drivers they are coming on strong. Let’s see how the RAZR X Black driver stacks up, shall we? Test Model Details The driver I tested was a 9.5° model with a Fujikura Motore F8 stiff shaft. I think this was an excellent shaft choice for this head, and it’s designed to look good with this driver.

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Technology The RAZR X Black is a forged composite driver designed to be much lighter than titanium. Today, carbon fiber is the hot technology which is being used in bikes, cars, and even Boeing’s newest airplanes because of how light and strong it is. The head has also been designed with streamlined surface technology to create less drag and higher impact speeds. The carbon fiber is what attracts me to Callaway’s drivers. Many of my friends are race car enthusiasts and will often rave about the importance of making the car light but still retaining durability.

Carbon Fiber is the ideal material, where it is light enough to increase your swing speed, but durable enough to not be damaged while in your golf club. With the RAZR X Black, Callaway has added the feature of streamlining the head design to take even more advantage of the Carbon Fiber material. Callaway states that the forged composite contains over 12 million turbostatic carbon fibers that reinforce the crown of the club. This also allows the Callaway engineers to precisely control thickness resulting in a lighter club head and an high MOI. The RAZR X Black has a Speed Frame Face Technology which is designed to have a larger sweetspot and help off center drives go a long way and still be very forgiving.

Callaway Razr X Drivers For Mac

The driver also has Distance Trajectory Weighting which is designed to put the center of gravity lower in the clubhead to launch the ball high and help get the ball up in the air. I was worried when I read high launch. For me, having the driver balloon in the air is a big issue that I want to avoid. For this club Callaway did not go overboard with the launch conditions and it creates a nice boring trajectory which was very pleasing. I will go into the face and how forgiving it is in the Playability section.

Esthetics The driver has a very shallow face which allows the club designer to put the volume of the driver between the toe and heel. This design harkens back to the days of the square driver which explains some of the performance I will talk about later. The top of the driver is mostly black but has some red lines as well as some grey sections. When the driver is flipped over the real excitement begins. The heel and the toe have a mesh look which surround the black Callaway crest which is a carry over from the original Diablo design. The bottom of the club head was designed for speed. Greece online radio stations in vox player. radio app for mac Callaway refers to this as streamlined surface technology which reduces energy loss from drag by 17% versus the Diablo Octane driver.

Callaway Razr X Drivers

The black, red, and grey make for an outstanding contrast and a very powerful look to the head. The entire driver has very clean lines as if it were inspired by race cars. The shaft colors and design make it a good fit. The finish of the club is very shiny which goes along nicely with the black design of the head. Callaway calls this a black PVD finish which they describe as head turning cool.

Callaway Razr Driver

When looking down at the ball the head gives a very confident and inspiring look which by the end of my demo period I really started to like. The grip is a standard Callaway rubber grip. If I do have a complaint about the esthetics its that they did not go for a more player oriented grip. Many of the other club companies will put the new Golf Pride Multicompound or a Winn grip, which is a simple upgrade that really makes the driver feel good in your hands. Of course this is easy to change but this is one small area that Callaway could change and I think it would make a big difference. The headcover is a subtle red and black color which I also really like.

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