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All the blather about trouble running Yosemite on 1,1/2,1 is from a few folks who (for the most part) created issues for themselves by not following the directions closely enough. If you have another Mac to create the install from it is much easier. There are also people selling HDs with OS pre-installed including the fix. (Not us, we don't sell, not connected in any way) I created install on a 3,1 or 4,1, then booted from another drive, switched the boot.efi file on the 1,1 bound disk and repaired permissions. Moved drive to 1,1 and booted up quick & easy first time. I added the pikeryose alpha boot fixer thingey that copies the boot.efi at end of every shut down and I was able to update to 10.10.1 and 10.10.2 just running from the app store.

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Terraria For Mac 1.1.2


No worries, no weirdness. All that is important is to put a Yosemite capable GPU in. Please note I haven't tried to use messages or FaceTime with that MP, but I have been able to run latest GPUs that a nMP would LOVE to run, but can't. I would advise against making your own installer following the convoluted instructions, it is literally 1,000,000 times more likely to cause trouble. I recommend keeping a working 10.7.5 install on another drive in case you need to poke around under the hood. The folks who have to run a gazillion fixes and the weird apps, old kexts, etc are all of the other older Macs, and that is 99% due to the fact that they have GPU soldered in. Being able to change GPU is WHY a 1,1 can run ML/Mavericks/Yosemite with ease.

Adobe flash player free download for mac os x It is also why I am looking at a lovely 5K display whilst a nMP is relegated to 2nd class citizen and limited to 4K.

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