Cag And Web Interface


XenApp 5 (2008x64) with a Netscaler access gateway VPX 9.3 When accessing XenApp resources through the netscaler whilst the web interface site is set to 'authenticate at web interface' there are no problems whatsoever. However I've been meaning to try 'Authenticate at Access Gateway' and have question on cnofiguration. During the setup it asks for the authentication service URL - I've yet to set this up? Is it automatically in place and activated?

Cag And Web Interface Design

Deploying CAG with Web Interface 5.4 is actually very easy, there are just some “gotchas” that you have to be ready for. This is a guide to help you avoid those snags and pitfalls that commonly occur with a CAG VPX and Web Interface integration. If you have a need to quickly brand your Netscaler Access Gateway and Web Interface 5.4 with your company colors and logo, it’s pretty easy and can be done in less than 30 minutes if you are under a deadline. It’s easy in StoreFront too, just don’t have one in front of me right now to write. Try to verify that there is a conversation taking place between the Web Interface server and the CAG, specifically from the Web Interface server on port 443. Ihome wireless mouse manual. Take a look at my blog post on Access Gateway Enterprise Port Configuration for more information about ports and traffic flow.


Cag And Web Interface Example

On the XenApp or Netscaler? Create a local git repository. I've managed to implement LDAP authentication on the netscaler itself (adding policies within the netscaler GUI) that allow me to log into the Netscaler using domain accounts but if anyone can confirm where to go next, that would be most appreciated. Can you connect from WI server to the FQDN directly without any configured proxy? No issue connecting to the FQDN of the netscaler from the WI server - no proxy configured What do you see in the eventlogs of the WI server? Forgive for not looking at this sooner - looking at the eventvwr on the WI/XenApp server and there are errors for the following: 'Site path: C: inetpub wwwroot citrix xenapp A communication error occured while attempting to contact the advanced access control authentication service at Check the authetnication service is running.

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