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Slumber Parties are always a party favorite for tween and teen girls. You can get pretty creative when thinking about themes for your childs slumber party.

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Printable Slumber Party Games

Our party experts have collected some great party ideas to get you started: Spa Themed Party Choose a spa theme and let the girls pamper and primp all night! Find some recipes to help you DIY • Lip gloss DIY • A face mask • Bath salts • Sugar scrubs Let the girls trade pedicures and gossip until the lights go out. Shop Spa Related Party Supplies. Neon Doodle Art Inspired Party If you have a creative child throw an art party.

Plan the perfect Sleepover or Slumber Party with my fun pink zebra Slumber Party Printables. Instantly download and personalize the templates at home using the editable text feature. Just open them in Adobe Reader and type over my sample text. Buy once, then edit & print as many times as you like. Most of our party games and activities will be suitable for a slumber (sleepover) party, but you might find that the children will need one of two extra games that take some preparation from you in advance.

Let them choose a craft or two for the guests to complete during the party. Propresenter for mac. They also make great favors. • Design a picture frame. Purchase inexpensive wood frames from the craft store that they can decorate them with paint.Take pictures for them to put in the frames • Decorate flip-flops with craft flowers, ribbons and faux jewels.

Wear them while giving each other pedicures • Use fabric markers on white T-shirts to make custom party shirts. The girls can decorate each other's to create a personalized wearable memory of the sleepover • Make personalized diaries using composition notebooks and a variety of contact paper and ribbons.

Buy Printable Slumber Party Games Pack For Macbook

Create matching pens by wrapping them in contact paper or ribbon and topping with marabou, pom poms or faux flowers. • Make friendship bracelets with colored embroidery floss. Embellish them with beads. You can also use the floss for making hair wraps. Shop Art related Party Supplies. Food Ideas For Your Party Sleepover parties usually include traditional party food - pizza, chips and dip, veggies and dip, soda, and candy.

Free Printable Slumber Party Games

Buy Printable Slumber Party Games Pack For Mac

However, if you would like to serve some more creative treats, consider these ideas: • Funny Face Bagels - Cut bagels in half and toast them, if desired. Spread cream cheese on the bagels and then provide the children jelly in a squeeze tube. Instruct the children to make funny faces on their bagels with the jelly! Android ndk download. • Relaxing Refreshments - Serve soda, strawberry milk, and juice with. • Cute Cut-Outs - Use cookie cutters in the shape of daisies, stars, and butterflies to cut out peanut butter sandwiches, cheese, and deli meats.

Free Printable Slumber Party Games For Girls

• Popcorn Pizazz - Serve popcorn in and let your guests add toppings of cinnamon, powdered cheese, salt & pepper, or chocolate sprinkles. You will most likely be serving breakfast to your guests as well. Here are a few ideas for early-morning treats: • Smiley Face Pancakes - Make a batch of pancakes, and set them out along with canned whipped cream, chocolate chips, maraschino cherry halves, chocolate syrup, finely chopped nuts, blueberries, or any other sweet treat that can be used to make eyes, a nose, a mouth, hair, etc., on each pancake. Let your guests decorate their pancakes the way they like.

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