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As well as improving Sonar itself, Cakewalk have brought in some heavy-hitting third-party content. Does X3 have what it takes to tempt buyers away from other recording software? SOS readers sometimes ask why we rarely print comparative reviews of products. In the case of modern digital audio workstation software, the reasons are many. For one thing, these programs are highly complex, and covering all the features of just one of them is a challenge, even in a lengthy review. For another, every user employs their DAW software in a different way, and the factors that might be crucial for me could be trivial for you. And for another, most DAWs are now so highly evolved that the differences lie less in what features are available than in how they're implemented.


As a result, once an individual user becomes comfortable with one DAW, it's not easy for that person to evaluate fairly the workings of a new and unfamiliar program. With these caveats in mind, though, I hope there is still something to be gained by reviewing a DAW from the perspective of a new user, because that's exactly what I'll be doing in this article. I've used several other DAWs in the past: mostly Cubase and Pro Tools, but also Samplitude, Reaperand Studio One on occasion. Several versions of Sonar have made it onto my hard drive at one time or another, but I've never done more than fire it up, stare at the welcome screen with a heavy heart, and close it again. With the launch of X3, it was clearly time I educated myself in the ways of Sonar.

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Whereas the majority of today's DAWs are available on both Mac and PC, Sonar has always been a Windows-only package. That hasn't changed in X3, but Cakewalk have engaged in something of a rethink of the product range. They are keen to emphasise that the most affordable edition, which is called plain Sonar X3, is not in any way a crippled or 'lite' version of the program. A pedant could argue that this isn't quite true, as the base version does not include surround support, AudioSnap, the Pro Channel or SMPTE/MTC synchronisation, but it does mean that there are no restrictions on the numbers of audio and MIDI tracks, buses or VST plug-in slots in any version of X3. It also means that all improvements to the core program made in X3 apply across the board.

Cakewalk Sonar X3 Producer

These include support for the VST3 plug-in standard, integrated cloud backup to Gobbler and a new and more sophisticated approach to compiling edited performances from multiple takes. If you choose to invest in the more expensive Studio or Producer Edition of X3 instead, your extra outlay buys additional content.

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