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Greek mythology, crime & punishment created on @flowvella. FlowVella for iPad is a storytelling and presentation app that allows anyone to make interactive publications with images, text, videos, PDFs, links, and photo galleries. Flashcards about BSBT - StudyStack - FlowVella presentations are like interactive apps. You can drill deeper into any topic or product, and are ready for any question.

Type of site Available in Key people Brent Brookler Website Launched April 2013 Current status active FlowVella is an interactive platform that includes an / app, a app and web site for viewing presentations, built first for the and web. FlowVella allows users to create, publish and share presentations through their cloud-based system.

References of video converter for mac. FlowVella allows embedding of text, images, PDFs, video and gallery objects in easy linkable screens, defining modern interactive presentations. FlowVella grew out of Treemo Labs. Contents • • • • • • History [ ] FlowVella launched as 'Flowboard' on April 18, 2013 after being built for almost a year. FlowVella was incubated out of Treemo Labs, which had years of experience building native apps for, and devices.

FlowVella is an iPad app and Mac app where users create, view, publish and share interactive presentations. Presentations are viewable on through a web-based viewer on any device or through the FlowVella native iPad app or Mac app. FlowVella has been featured by Apple in the App Store several times and included in many promotions like '@Work collaboration' and others. Flowboard rebrands to FlowVella on December 18, 2014 after a trademark dispute.


Presentation format [ ] FlowVella is an interactive presentation format where instead of single directional slides, presentations are made up of linkable screens with embeddable media and content objects. While 'Flows' can be exported to PDF, they all have a web address and are meant to be viewed via a web browser or the FlowVella native applications. Revenue model [ ] FlowVella uses the model for its presentation apps. Free users can make 4 public presentations with limited number of screens/slides, but most features are available to try out the software. In 2016, FlowVella introduced a second paid plan called PRO which includes team sharing, tracking and newly introduced 'Kiosk Mode' that launched in March of 2017. Features [ ] FlowVella is a native iPad app and Mac app which has advantages over web based tools. All downloaded presentations can be viewed offline, without an Internet connection.

Bsbt On Flowvellane

This includes videos which are enabled by cacheing the video files into memory. For students, teachers, sales people and all users, this is extremely important because this prevents having a presentation fail because of lack of an Internet connection. Beyond the offline capabilities, there is a trend to build native applications versus HTML5 as noted by and both rebuilding their mobile apps as 100% native applications.

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Bsbt On Flowvella Download

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