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Ok first I would like to thank balamw for all his help! If I may for a second explain my situation, so that you guys can understand whats going on a little better, and maybe can give me some pointers. I am currently attending a small liberal arts college, that has a computer science degree available. This semester is my first semester to have any type of programming classes so I am new to this whole programming thing, I am currently taking programming 1, the professor, is using this book as his approach to programming heres the link. I don't understand the teacher when he teaches, so I have no clue what is going on I have asked for help and he is not very helpful. To answer balamw questions': I have no idea why my teacher has chose C++ as our first language, my goal is to learn how to program a little bit and do it effectively to move on to programming 2.

If you guys could point me in the right direction maybe give me some pointers on 1). What compiler I could use on Mac for C ++ 2). And any other pointers for me while I am learning to program! Thanks everybody! Note: A fellow classmate told me today that he heard C++ was Windows only language is this true?

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Is this why there is not much support on the mac for it? Click to expand.'


Bcc is a simple C compiler that produces 8086 assembler, in addition compiler compile time options allow 80386 or 6809 versions. The compiler understands traditional K&R C with just the restriction that bit fields are mapped to. Emedia music piano and keyboard method v3.

When you specify /fp:fast you tell the compiler it's allowed to 'break' certain rules. Well, sort of – in fact, you tell the compiler it can assume that (finite precision) floating-point calculations obey the mathematical rules of real numbers. Probably because all the answers are quite out of date. Any.c file can be added to an Xcode project and added to a target. Then it will compiled along with all the.m (Objective-C) files or Swift files. What does BCC mean in Unclassified? This page is about the meanings of the acronym/abbreviation/shorthand BCC in the Miscellaneous field in general and in the Unclassified terminology in particular. Hi, I am using the 16-bit Bruce's C complier bcc (not to be confused with gcc) compiler in ubuntu to compile my programs. This compiler checks for K&R syntax instead of the regular ANSI C syntaxes. Is it possible to configure the bcc tool to use ANSI C syntax? If it is not possible, then what is the K&R syntax to define the variable argument lists?

G++' is the command name for the Gnu C++ compiler. The Gnu C compiler is called 'gcc'. These tools exist for a huge variety of platforms, by the way, including Macs, PCs running Windows, Linux, Sun OS, and all kinds of other platforms. The intent is that the code you write on one platform can compile on others with relatively few modifications. And, yes, the code can run on all kinds of embedded platforms too. I have personally written C/C++ code that is running in a telephone switch, a robot (back in university), and on a mission computer installed in a helicopter. If your teacher has never heard of gcc/g++ then be aware that may not have a whole lot of programming experience either.

We've seen plenty of examples of people coming here for help because they're confused -- and often, it's because whoever is teaching them isn't doing a very good job. I'm not trying to slag anyone, just be aware that the teachers sometimes get it wrong too, so make sure you read and experiment on your own. With respect to your screen shot: That looks like it ought to work. Were there compile errors?

Does it not run? Keep in mind that it will output to a Unix 'console' output, not a dialog box or window, so you might not see the output at all unless you run your new program from the Terminal. Click to expand.Looks fine, as notjustjay said. You need to open the console from the 'Run' menu to see your output, but otherwise you should be fine. So far you've said you don't understand when your teacher teaches (the blame can be shared, teaching and learning styles can just be incompatible), but then that when you ask for help they don't provide it (that is their fault). This is a problem that's bigger than any particular programming issue or environment issue. If you can't learn from this person and they aren't providing usable assistance outside of class when requested, you shouldn't be paying to teach yourself.

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