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Mp navigator ex 5.0 for mac. A SAS package that includes BRU PE is $2,159 direct purchase (includes everything from the drive and media to the SAS HBA, SAS Cable, BRU PE license, and cleaning cartridge). If you need that in a Thunderbolt solution, we offer that at $20 more direct ($2,399).

For customers using a mix of BRU PE and BRU Server, BRU PE and BRU Server can co-exist on the same system if needed, and many customers choose to use PE on their edit stations and BRU Server for their day-to-day company backups. Thanks for visiting my personal tech blog, Enterprise Mac. My name is Pepijn Bruienne and I’m a Mac Admin at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. Welcome to the Home of BRU™ PE and ArGest® Backup and Recovery Solutions for Mac OS X backup by TOLIS Group, Inc Welcome to the Home of BRU™ PE and ArGest® Backup and Recovery Solutions by TOLIS Group, Inc. BRU PE adds a full blown LTFS Manager tool which allows users to format, mount, unmount, and import LTFS volumes into BRU PE so that the LTFS volume contents may be accessed even when the media is offline or offsite.

I think at this point, LTFS warrants a look, but I wouldn't standardize any of my serious archival process on it. It needs to become more widely accepted first. I have some questions about the data format and robustness of their implementation. I'm sure most of that has been addressed, I just haven't taken the time to look for myself. But LTFS looks really great. Hp 2430 printer manual

It's said in the spec that it is intended for LTO-5 and requires it. However, I'm seeing people adapting it to LTO-4, which somewhat concerns me as LTO-4 lacks the partitioning ability, which LTFS uses to segment off a portion of the tape for the table of contents, file descriptions, etc.

So we're getting bastardized versions of LTFS out there; only on Linux as far as I know, but so far it looks like other software to replicate the partitioning via the tape driver on Linux. Once again, not sure, just have run across it.

Having IBM as its primary developer and IP holder, LTFS is in good hands though. I don't know if it's TAR based for the actual data partition or not. Haven't looked that far into it. If LTFS is indeed robust and offering this level of convenience, then I would think it's exactly what the backup and archival industry has been needing for several years now. Nvidia geforce 8800 gt graphics card.

I'm hoping it's good and if so, adoption will be swift. I personally don't own an LTO-5, but have been starting to look at them.

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I will probably purchase an LTO-5 early next year, but I'm currently running two LTO-4 units, both HP 1760 desktop LTO-4's. I intend to replace one of those with the new LTO-5. I'm currently using BRU PE with my LTO-5 drive for archiving, but is anyone using LTFS?

Is there a GUI available for it on OSX or is it strictly via Terminal? Anybody think it'll be a standard for archival?

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