Broadcom Netxtreme I Netlink Driver For Mac


Hi, I'm trying to get my local MAC address changed for Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx adapter in D620 running winXP. Based on Broadcom advice this should be pretty straightforward: • In Microsoft Windows, right-click the Network Adapter in Network Connections and then click Properties. • Click the Configure button and then the General tab. • Configure the 'Locally Administered Address' parameter by assigning a unique node address for the adapter. Netware: The Mac Address is configured by the adding Node=XXXXXXXXXXXX parameter to driver load command line in the AUTOEXEC.NCF file, where XXXXXXXXXXXX is the Locally Administered address. However after clicking 'configure' in 'general' tab I see only 'Driver Details, Update Driver, Roll Back Driver, Uninstall' buttons, on 'advanced' tab I see '802.1p QOS', 'Flow Control' 'Speed and Duplex' and 'Wake up Capabilities', however I CAN'T see 'Locally Administered Address' I've tried: - reinstalling drivers, at the moment using latest from Broadcom, from 2006-12-15 - reinstalling Dell's drivers - installing Broadcom's Control suite Nothing has helped, anyone can advise?

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Hmm, or maybe nice way of helping someone, with a technical query, not a moral dilemma, to insinuate things instead of answering the question? Also don't think it's that difficult to see beyond classic bla-bla about Mac address being the only source of truth, and anyone looking for a way to change them being a villain Please correct me if I'm wrong, but a post saying along the lines 'good laptop users don't mess with their mac addresses, unless they are up to something no good' is a perfect answer to a technical query, isn't it? BTW: solution is very simple: regedit, proper key in proper class-id and network card disable/enable P. PS: I was expecting technical answers, but forgive me for being wrong Message Edited by zohor on 01:03 PM.


Broadcom bcm5751 netxtreme gigabit ethernet pci express controller driver download How do I troubleshoot when my system is not detecting the adapter? Create a DOS bootable floppy and unzip the respective diagnostic package into it Boot to Dos and run b57udiag or b44udiag, respectively.

Repeat steps for all other 1Gbps and 10Gbps NetXtreme II efhernet devices on integrated broadcom bcm5751 netxtreme gigabit ethernet host system, before proceeding to step Choose “NE Compatible” when selecting the network adapter. To assign an IP to an interface: Install the respective driver package per documentation At the command prompt, type kstat -m bcme grepmacDeviceType The chipset information will be displayed on the screen. When using the “Network Client Administrator” tool available in Windows NT, simply choose any other network card from the list NE Compatible for example to create the diskette.

Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet. Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet. Broadcom 5721C1 NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet PCI-E Driver Version A00. Rate this product: 2. Scroll Down to DRIVERS and look for this entry, NetLink®/NetXtreme® I Desktop/Mobile/Server (x64) Click the arrow icon to the left of this entry to download the driver file package. I have not lost my network connection since installing this driver and will follow up if I do have issues.

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