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CREDIT: Vivian Zink/NBC “America’s Got Talent” is close to world domination. /przenony-dysk-zewntrzny-my-passport-for-mac/. The variety talent show, now in its 13th season, isn’t just an NBC summer stalwart.

It’s an international juggernaut. Airing almost everywhere, it has earned a berth in Guinness World Records as television’s most-successful reality format. It was the perfect show at the perfect time — and it all began with in his kitchen. “The truth is, it was the first apartment I had bought myself, and I was in the kitchen cooking dinner,” Cowell says. “And there was a rival music show to ours. Some girl was so awful I would rather watch a singing dog than listen to her.” This was in 2004, when “American Idol” was the most-watched show on American television, and similar arch assessments from Cowell often drew more heat than singers’ performances. That evening as he cooked, Cowell considered mounting a show not bound by the usual format and rules.

“We made a horrible pilot, and out of the blue NBC heard I was making a show and what it was like, and they genuinely bought it in the room,” he recalls. “And that was it.” Related The format is more inclusive than other shows: no age minimum or maximum.

Every genre — and some that defy classification — is welcome onstage. Talent isn’t even a prerequisite, although those hopefuls don’t get very far. “When I did ‘Idol’ there was a limited age range,” Cowell says. “If you were over 29 you could not be an ‘Idol.’ That was ridiculous. I never got that. The beauty about this show is there are no rules whatsoever.” That unfettered spirit can often be painfully evident.

/audio-converter-to-text-for-mac/. People line up for blocks at open auditions, armed with little more than desperate delusion. For many, standing in the spotlight before the famous judges is a highlight of their lives. A few years ago during Manhattan auditions, a woman in ill-fitting clothes struggled through a stand-up act. Howard Stern, then on the panel, knew she didn’t have a chance. Still, he recognized how important this moment was to her.

Bree At Talent Show For Mac

He sent her home, but so gently she left the room beaming. Tenderness may be in short supply on most reality shows. Yet part of the reason “Got Talent” is a hit show is because “it has such a warm heart,” says Trish Kinane, an executive producer and president of entertainment programming at FremantleMedia North America. “He doesn’t patronize the audience by saying something is good when it isn’t.” Sam Donnelly “I love to celebrate eccentricity and whatever you do, you have a chance of getting on the show if you do it well,” she says. Cw mods for mac. “They embrace the true eccentricity of ordinary people.” Those eccentricities shift geographically, which is why “Got Talent” flourishes in 194 territories. Whether in Eritrea or Switzerland, whether people create mandala art or throw knives, one concept defines the franchise globally.

“The one word that best describes the show is unifying,” says Paul Telegdy, NBC’s president of alternative and reality. “You can watch it in bits, as a family, and on your own, and you will be surprised and delighted. The show’s wonderfully simple format is a thing of genius because what it really allows is the creation of multiple moments of joy, multiple moments of compassion and, for me, multiple glimpses into what makes people great.” “America’s Got Talent” came of age alongside YouTube, a platform made for brief distractions.

And, those few minutes marveling at trained cats or card tricks add up. Fans have spent an astounding 6.6 trillion hours watching them. The YouTube Got Talent channel, alone, has nearly 4.6 million subscribers and drew 800 million viewers last year. Switching judges and hosts has not affected its popularity.

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Originally, David Hasselhoff, Brandy Norwood and Piers Morgan judged and Regis Philbin hosted. Now Howie Mandel, Mel B., Heidi Klum and Cowell sit on the judges’ panel and Tyra Banks hosts.

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