Bluetooth Calculator Keypad For Mac


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The Imagine Store, Apple Premium Reseller. We are Authorized Premium Reseller of Apple Products. In our stores you will get latest range of products from Apple with the widest range of accessories. The VP6273 Bluetooth Calculator Keypad from SMK-Link is a very useful and versatile tool for making fast calculations and entering the results directly into spreadsheets. It has an on-off switch and an LCD screen. An operating system selection switch helps you to link the device output directly into a spreadsheet on your PC or Mac. The iCalc Bluetooth Calculator Keypad is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Apple Wireless Keyboard. Connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth, iCalc works with any Apple OS X or Windows based computer to provide dedicated numeric data entry and calculator functionality. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for SMK-Link Bluetooth Calculator Keypad for Mac and PC-VP6273 at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. SMK-Link's Bluetooth Calculator Keypad is a wireless keypad and calculator peripheral designed for use with Mac OS X and Windows-based laptop PCs. Bluetooth Calculator Keypad.

I use a MacBook Air with a Magic Mouse, and needed a Bluetooth keypad. I read the negative reviews of others and ordered this product with some hesitation. I ran into the same pairing issues as other reviewers did. I tried following the manual's instructions, which are quite confusing as others have noted, with no success. Then I called customer service (connected with Philippines, I believe).

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Bluetooth Calculator Keypad For Mac

A rep picked up quickly, and 5 min later the unit worked just fine. The problem turned out to be the batteries which were supplied with the unit -- a minor inconvenience. The rep explained that the batteries were nearly out of charge, likely because of being in a warehouse for an extended period of time. When the unit toggles between its two modes (more on the modes later in this review) without user input, it indicates that the battery needs to be changed. This point is not explained in the user manual. There is a Battery Indicator which plays a minor part during the pairing process (but apparently is not an indication of remaining battery life). When I replaced with a new set of batteries, the unit paired easily and remained paired.

The rep mentioned that fresh batteries should last 4-5 months under normal use -- about the same life as Apple's Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse. However, this unit uses two AAA batteries, not the AA batteries used in Apple's units. Another design detail which tells you that this is not an Apple product is that the batteries are inserted side-by-side with opposite polarities (i.e., like most electric/electronic devices), not the end-to-end same polarity insertion used in Apple's products. The side-by-side arrangement also makes the battery compartment thicker than Apple's battery compartments, even though this KeyPad uses smaller AAA batteries. It would have also been more convenient to use AA batteries, so that rechargeable batteries could be shared between the Magic Trackpad and/or Magic Mouse and this Keypad.

There are two modes to the unit -- Keypad and Calculator. The Mode button in the top right toggles between the two modes, and the mode you are in currently is identified on the unit's display. In Keypad mode, you use the unit with your computer. There is initially a jarring effect in Keypad mode which passes quickly (also not explained in the manual) -- the numbers you type are not reflected on the unit's display, but are reflected only on your computer (if paired properly). Minecraft mod loader downloads for mac. This feature makes sense, as it serves as an alert to the user that your computer is receiving input from the unit. In Calculator mode, you use the unit like a calculator (simple arithmetic calculator).

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