Bloggie Software Fix For Mac


How to download after effects free for mac. Apple is reportedly using new proprietary software diagnostic tools to repair MacBook Pros and iMac Pros that, if not used on key part repairs, will result in an “inoperative system and an. Hey there is a good news for Mac users who are the owners of Sony’s Bloggie Touch HD Camera, Bloggie Touch software finially available for Mac OS X and Mac version of it available as a download from Sony’s eSupport site.

Those who are regular to the site will know that I’m an avid Mac user and own just about everything Mac when it comes to my computing and portable device usage. Still, sometimes being a Mac user can be tough when companies don’t support the Mac platform. This used to be more true than it is now, but still, you run into the situation. The good part about being a Mac user is that more often than not, you don’t need company’s bloated and crappy software as your Mac will make the particular device work anyways. Up until now, Sony has been among the last holdouts of companies who didn’t offer Mac support. Sure when it comes to digital cameras and camcorders, you don’t need any 3rd party software as Apple’s own iLife suite with iPhoto and iMovie or higher series like Aperture and Final Cut will get the job done. Still, it’s always nice to have that native support and sometimes, just sometimes, the companies come up with some great functionalities.

That sometime is now and the company providing it is Sony, who has finally decided to release a native Mac OS X software for the Bloggie Touch (the MHS-TS10, MHS-TS20 and MHS-TS20K) and promises that their upcoming Bloggie Entry, Bloggie Duo and Bloggie 3D (aka MHS-FS1, MHS-FS2 and MHS-FS3) will have native OS X support out of the box. To further add to it, Sony has wisely made the software both OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) compatible (though not 64bit). Though Apple’s own iLife series isn’t 64bit so you can’t blame Sony on that one.

Hit the jump for some more information about the Mac Bloggie software, as well as how to install the latest Bloggie firmware, from your Mac via a video we created just for Mac users, though we hope PC users will find it useful as well. The provided from Sony is really aimed at those who want to share their photos and videos on popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Picasa. The softwares stream-like interface is what you would expect on the Mac side. It’s easy to use and to the point. Better yet, if you are familiar with iPhoto, then you will be right at home. The software allows you all the basics like importing all of your content or picking and choosing.

Furthermore, after you’ve imported your photos and videos, you can grab a particular batch of photos and just drag it to the bottom left hand corner to create a new album. All of this with the additional functionalities like adding titles, descriptions, and tags isn’t anything too earth shattering until we look at our top navigation bar. This is where Sony’s software really shines. Here, you begin to understand what the true nature of the software is. It isn’t meant to replace your iPhoto or iMovie, though you can do basic edits.


Instead, it is meant as a hub where you can easily share your content. Long before you import your photos and videos, you can drag what you want on one of the services you see at the top like Facebook or YouTube and you will be greeted with a login screen. After you’ve typed in your account information (and you can choose to stay logged into the particular service so you don’t have to retype your information every time), you will be greeted with a simple screen to create a new album, add it to an existing album, which you will then see a list of, and that’s it. Now You are done and have shared your content. If you’re onboard so far, the next functionality will then be the icing on the cake for you. Through Sony’s free service called Personal Space, you can create groups like “My Team” and “Mom and Dad”.

This entry was posted on 08.02.2018.